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    3 Socket Cigarette Lighter Adapter, 100W, 12V/24V, 4 USB

    12V/24V cigarette lighter adapter for wholesale, 100W maximum power, 3 cigarette lighter sockets (12VDC) for electronic products, 4 USB ports (5V/2.4A) for charging, LED display showing input real-time battery voltage, 56cm cable length, equipping a 10A fuse.
    SKU: T-CLA-3S-1
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    7 in 1 cigarette lighter adapter has 3 cigarette lighter sockets and 4 USB ports. The input voltage of cigarette lighter adapter is 12VDC~24VDC, and the output voltage of each socket is 12VDC. The maximum power is 100 watt, so it can be used for dash cam, GPS, car fan at the same time.


    Basic Model T-TR12
    Weight 194g
    Size 95*88*34.5mm
    Packing size 13.8*11.1*4.5cm
    Certification CE, UL
    Application All vehicles has 12VDC/24VDC cigarette lighter connector, such as cars, SUVs, MPVs, ATVs, trucks, buses, RVs, etc.
    Packing included 1 * cigarette lighter adapter
    1 * fuse
    1 * user manual
    Cigarette Lighter Adapter Input voltage DC 12V~24V
    Power 100W
    Note: When one socket is used alone, the maximum power of each cigarette lighter socket is 100 watt. And when three sockets are used together, the maximum power of the total cigarette lighter socket is also 100 watt.
    Number of outputs Total 7 in 1 adapter:
    3 cigarette lighter sockets
    4 USB ports
    Output voltage Each cigarette lighter socket: DC 12V
    Each USB port: DC 5V
    Output current of USB port The maximum output current of each USB port is 2.4A. The maximum output current of total USB ports is 3.1A.
    Display 3 digit red LED display for real-time monitoring of battery voltage
    Indicator 3 red LED indicators for power on/off status of each socket
    Switch 1 main power switch for all sockets and USB ports
    3 power switches for 3 cigarette lighter sockets
    Cable length 56cm
    Shall material ABS
    Function Over-voltage protection, over-current protection, over-heating protection, over-load protection, short-circuit protection
    Fuse Current 10A
    Master Carton Pcs/Carton 60
    1 carton gross weight 15kg
    1 carton size 58.5*43.5*21cm

    Tips: How to use cigarette lighter adapter?
    Due to different vehicle settings, some cigarette lighters are not powered off when the vehicle is turned off. Many vehicles still have electricity. Therefore, it is not a wise choice to put external device on the energized cigarette lighter for a long time. When the vehicle is started, the external device on the cigarette lighter socket is easily burnt under the impact of the start-up high current, especially MP3 and U disk are prone to problems. Therefore, it is best to choose an adapter with a main power switch and a separate interface switch.
    Correct use method:

    1. Before starting the car, turn off the independent socket switches, disconnect the wiring on the USB ports, and turn on the main power switch of the adapter.
    2. When need to use the cigarette lighter socket, turn on the corresponding socket switch, and then insert the plug into the socket.
    3. Turn off the power switch of the electronic device after use, and then turn off the corresponding socket switch.
    4. When need to use the USB ports, plug in the USB cable first, and then connect the mobile phone and other charging devices. After the mobile phone is charged, unplug the USB cable in time to avoid occupying the USB port for a long time.
    5. When the car is turned off, turn off the main switch to protect the car battery.
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    Kaleb | 12/14/2021 7:49 AM
    Discount on 3 hole cigarette lighter adapter
    I like this 3-hole cigarette lighter adapter very much. Will I buy more models cheaper?
    A manager responded to this review
    Yes, buying a few more models will give you corresponding discounts.