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    3 Ton Automotive Floor Jack, Low Profile

    Low cost 3 ton hydraulic floor jack is made of steel, 30.5kg net weight, low profile design, red finish coating. Automotive floor jack also features CE/GS/TUV certification, minimum height 75mm, maximum height 500mm, lift height 425mm, 780*405*190mm size.
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    3 ton automotive floor jack, low profile structure, hydraulic principle, 425mm lift height, CE/ GS/ TUV certification.


    Model T-FLJ-E1103
    Weight 30.5kg
    Packing included 1 * floor jack
    1 * safety bar
    1 * tool box
    Certification CE, GS, TUV
    Maximum capacity (car weight) 3 ton
    Minimum height 75mm
    Maximum height 500mm
    Lift height 425mm
    Size 780*405*190mm

    Tips: How to use a floor jack?
    The floor jack is a common lifting tool in auto repair shops. Its function is to lift the car to facilitate removing or replacing tires. Compared with the bottle jack, the floor jack is lower in height, and will be more stable after lifting, and will not cause unnecessary harm to the human body.
    The usage of floor jack is as follows:

    1. Find the support point. A place that is too fragile should never be used as a support point, which can easily damage the car chassis. For cars or SUVs, there is a fixed position where the floor jack head can be placed. It must not be placed under the car body shell.
    2. After determining the support point, put the pressure rod into the casing in front of the jack, so that the jack can be pressed by the rod, and then the jack head will be rose.
    3. After press the rod down continuously. In this way, the jack head will slowly rise through hydraulic action, until the car is pushed to a suitable height, and then stop applying pressure.
    4. At this time, the car will be in a suspended state. The best way is to use spare tires or other objects under the car to prevent accidents caused by floor jack and car suddenly dumping. Then we can start to repair or inspect the car. Do not move the automotive floor jack during this period. After the repair is completed, the hydraulic jack needs to be relieved of pressure and then the car is gradually lowered back to its original position. Different brands of floor jacks have different pressure relief methods. Most of them will have a rotary switch, which can be turned counterclockwise to release the pressure and reset the floor jack.
    5. After the pressure is relieved and reset, gently drag the floor jack out, then pull out the pressure rod, and arrange all the accessories and put them back in the jack tool box for next use.
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