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    3 Ton Battery Powered Hydraulic Pipe Crimper, 6 Dies

    Best hydraulic battery cable crimper at competitive price. Perfect for crimping copper and aluminum wires. Powered by 18V 3.0Ah lithium battery. Crimping force 3 ton (32KN), working pressure 52Mpa, with 6 dies. Stroke 35mm, cycle 5-8s.
    SKU: T-HCPT-1550
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    Battery operated hydraulic crimping tools for sale with factory price, free delivery. The battery hydraulic crimper features 3 ton crimping force, 52Mpa rated working pressure, is equipped with two 18v lithium batteries, 6 dies and one charger. Applicable for crimping copper aluminum, plastic pipes, PEX pipes, PB pipes, etc.


    Model T-EZ-1550
    Crimping Force 3 Ton (32KN)
    Rated Working Pressure 52Mpa
    Stroke 35mm
    Crimp Times/Charge 350 times DN20 stainless steel pipe fittings
    Crimping Cycle 5-8s (according to cable diameter)
    Voltage 18V Lithium
    Battery Capacity 3.0Ah
    Charging Voltage AC 100V~240V, 50Hz~60Hz
    Charging Time 2 hours
    Crimping Dies DN15, DN20, DN25, DN32, DN40, DN50
    Weight 6.5 kg


    • Durable Material. The hydraulic battery cable crimper and its 6 pairs of dies are made of superior material, high strength, good toughness and longer service life. Its maximum crimping power is 3 tons.
    • Wide Application. The battery hydraulic crimping tool is equipped with 6 sets of the crimping dies and the precise crimping tube head can be rotated 360° freely for accurate positioning and narrow space working, a good choice for crimping copper and aluminum terminals.
    • Easy to Operate. Provided with double speed and double acting hydraulic device design. During the process of low pressure crimping, piston advances rapidly. After the mold contacts terminal, piston advances slowly to ensure crimping quality.
    • Safet to Use. The battery powered hydraulic crimping tool is equipped with safety valve inside for protecting the crimping machine. When the max. pressure reaches, the safety valve will release automatically to prevent over pressure. It also comes with insulated handle to prevent accident electric hitting.
    • Easy to Carry. The battery hydraulic crimper comes with a durable plastic box, which makes it portable to carry and compact to store.

    Full Set Product Diagram

    Full Set of 3 Ton Hydraulic Pipe Crimper, 6 Dies

    ① Hydraulic Pipe Crimper
    ② 1 Charger
    ③ 2 Batteries
    ④ 6 Dies

    Structure Diagram

    3 ton battery hydraulic crimping tool


    Dimension Drawing of 3 Ton Hydraulic Pipe Crimper, 6 Dies

    Tips: What should be done after crimping with battery powered pipe crimper?

    1. After crimping, remove the battery. First press the battery button, and then pull out the battery. As shown in Figure 1.
    2. Take out the crimping die. Press the die lock button first, and then pull out the crimping die. As shown in Figure 2 and Figure 3.
    3. Wipe clean the pipe crimper and accessories. Add a small amount of lubricating oil to movable parts and put them into tool box.

    Take off battery and die of hydraulic pipe crimper

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    Franee | 11/30/2020 1:47 AM
    Excellent hydraulic crimping tool
    I think this is an excellent hydraulic crimping pliers, because it has a precise crimping pipe head, it can be accurately positioned, and it can be rotated 360° freely, which can help me crimping 360° without dead angles. I really like this hydraulic crimping pliers and I recommend you to buy them.