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    3 Ton Hydraulic Pipe Crimper, 6 Dies

    Hydraulic crimper for crimping aluminum-plastic and stainless steel pipe. Powered by 18V 3.0Ah lithium battery. Crimping force 3 ton (32KN), working pressure 52Mpa, with 6 dies. Stroke 35mm, cycle 5-8s.
    SKU: T-HCPT-1550
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    Application: Connect aluminum-plastic pipes, PEX pipes, PB pipes, etc. with copper pipe fittings, copper joints. Press stainless steel sleeves, copper sleeves, aluminum sleeves.


    Model T-EZ-1550
    Crimping Force 3 Ton (32KN)
    Rated Working Pressure 52Mpa
    Stroke 35mm
    Crimp Times/Charge 350 times DN20 stainless steel pipe fittings
    Crimping Cycle 5-8s (according to cable diameter)
    Voltage 18V Lithium
    Battery Capacity 3.0Ah
    Charging Time 2 hours
    Crimping Dies DN15, DN20, DN25, DN32, DN40, DN50
    Weight 6.5 kg

    Full Set Product Diagram

    Full Set of 3 Ton Hydraulic Pipe Crimper, 6 Dies

    ① Hydraulic Pipe Crimper
    ② 1 Charger
    ③ 2 Batteries
    ④ 6 Dies

    Structure Diagram of Hydraulic Pipe Crimper

    Structure Diagram of 3 Ton Hydraulic Pipe Crimper, 6 Dies

    Dimension Drawing of Hydraulic Pipe Crimper

    Dimension Drawing of 3 Ton Hydraulic Pipe Crimper, 6 Dies


    • Precise crimping tube head, accurate positioning, 360° free rotation.
    • Electronic brake function, stop working when release the switch to ensure safe operation.

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