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    2 Inch Cutting Capacity 30 Inch Length Lopper

    Professional lopper design for pruning garden trees, 2 inch cutting capacity, loppers length 30 inch, soft handle to bring you comfort, is ideal for pruning large branches.
    SKU: T-L30
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    The heavy duty tree loppers have sharp blades, which can cut large branches in a short time and protect the bark from damage. Long handled tree loppers easily trims the bushes in the backyard of the garden.


    • Bypass loppers easily cut 2 inch branches, the cut is smooth.
    • The pruning loppers blade has a black Teflon coating, which is wear-resistant, does not fade, does not stain with juice, and is resistant to rust.
    • The four-point lever drive principle makes it easier to save energy when cutting. You can replace the blade. We will give you a blade when you place an order.
    • Heavy duty loppers are designed with thickened rod walls, strong hardness, good elasticity and long-lasting durability.
    • Professional loppers reduce the damage of fruit tree bark, which is beneficial to the growth of fruit trees.
    • The steel pipe thick branch shear uses the stability of the triangle to be durable.
    • Lopper length: 30"
    • Cutting capacity: 2"

    Garden loppers

    Tips: How to choose loppers?

    1. Choose the length of the appropriate blade.
    If you want to buy a high-quality pruning shears, you must choose the corresponding blade length. Some loppers have longer blades, and some pruning shears have shorter blades. If you often trim those particularly thick branches, then buy loppers with a longer blade, otherwise buy pruning shears with a shorter blade.

    2. Choose loppers that is convenient and comfortable to use.
    When choosing loppers, you must feel whether the locks are convenient and comfortable to use. The locks of those high-quality loppers are relatively smooth to use, and it is easier to open and close the lock.

    3. Good spring performance.
    If in the process of using the pruning shears, the spring rebound of the pruning shears is relatively strong and stable, then the quality of the pruning shears will not be too bad.

    4. Choose the one that is easy to clean.
    It is best to choose those pruning shears that are easier to clean, because pruning shears often trim branches and there will be some stains. Choose those that are easier to clean and will not easily leave stains on the scissors. For example, many pruning shears have special surfaces. Pruning shears with Teflon coating on the surface can effectively prevent the shears from rusting.

    5. Choose steel scissors.
    It is best to choose steel pruning shears. After the pruning shears of this material are used for a long time, the pruning shears of these materials are also relatively hard. In the process of use, such pruning shears are not easy to break.

    6. Choose the one with greater friction in the handshake.
    Try to choose the one with greater friction in the handshake. There are more thick branches in the process of the pruning shears. If the friction in the handshake is very large at this time, the pruning shears will not slip off easily during the cutting process. In addition, you can actually feel the handshake of the pruning shears. If it is more comfortable to use and not too big or too small, such pruning shears are more suitable for use.

    7. Choose pruning shears that are easy to hold.
    Choose pruning shears that are easy to hold. During use, the pruning shears are not easy to fall off, not easy to fall off, and it is not easy to hit your feet.

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    Sherri | 9/3/2020 8:28 AM
    Excellent length lopper at a best price
    I am a gardening enthusiast. I like to organize my garden in my spare time. To be honest, I especially like this length lopper. It has a long handle and can be pruned out of my usual reach.