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    28 Inch to 35 Inch Telescopic Ratchet Lopper

    Telescopic ratchet bypass lopper for sale, 2 inch of cutting thickness, the handle can be telescopic, easily extend from 28 inch to 35 inch, safe and easy to use.
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    Telescopic ratchet action anvil lopper makes it easy to cut bushes and branches, and a comfortable handle is a good relief for hand fatigue, telescoping handle extends a reach out from 28 inch to 35 inch.


    • Bypass extendable lopper easily cut 2 inch branches, the cut is smooth.
    • The pruning loppers blade has a black Teflon coating, which is wear-resistant, does not fade, does not stain with juice, and is resistant to rust.
    • The four-point lever drive principle makes it easier to save energy when cutting. You can replace the blade. We will give you a blade when you place an order.
    • telescopic ratchet lopper are designed with thickened rod walls, strong hardness, good elasticity and long-lasting durability.
    • Professional loppers reduce the damage of fruit tree bark, which is beneficial to the growth of fruit trees.
    • The steel pipe thick branch shear uses the stability of the triangle to be durable.
    • Lopper length: 28" to 35"
    • Cutting capacity: 2"

    Garden loppers

    Tips: Why pruning the branches of fruit trees regularly?

    1. Reduce excess branch coverage, increase the effective leaf curtain layer, increase the effective leaf coefficient, and improve photosynthesis. Leaves are the place for photosynthesis of fruit trees. Photosynthesis can accumulate sufficient organic nutrients for fruit trees and promote high yield of fruit trees.
    2. By pruning branches to control the top dominance of fruit tree branches and promote flower bud differentiation. After pruning, the top of the branches stops growing at the beginning of summer, and the nutrients are not consumed on the top growth. The tops of the branches form leaf arbuscules. Increasing the cytoplasmic concentration of terminal buds can complete the differentiation of flower buds and bloom in the second spring.

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    Davd | 12/3/2020 6:11 AM
    Pruning machine with high cutting speed
    This is a very fast pruning machine. Its blades are very sharp, making it easy to cut branches. I can cut through thick branches without any effort. Its stem is very long and I can also trim to normal places that cannot be trimmed.