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    36V Electric Pruning Shears, 45mm

    Wholesale battery operated pruning shears for sale, 36V, sharp blade, easy to cut fruit trees and branches, cutting capacity 45mm/1.7 inch, high safety and low price.
    SKU: T-EPS-4002
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    The 36 volt electric pruning shears have a built-in 2Ah lithium-ion battery, a charger. Easy to trim branches.


    Model T-EPS-4002
    Rated Voltage 36 Volt
    Battery Capacity Li-ion 4.0 Ah, 5.0 Ah
    MAX Power 500W
    Charging Time 8h
    Cutting Dia 45mm
    Working Temperature -10℃~60℃
    Motor Speed 22000rpm
    Cutting Speed 0.4s/time
    Dimension 120*40*400mm
    Gross weight 2.5 kg
    Accessories 1*Electric Scissors, 1*Battery, 1*Control Charger, 1*Backpack
    Certificate CE

    Tips: 4 benefits of fruit tree grafting

    When fruit trees are growing, they need to be grafted to increase yield. This is what many fruit growers need to do when planting. In order to reduce the work pressure of fruit growers and improve the efficiency of grafting, it is recommended that you use electric pruning shears.

    1. Enhance plant disease resistance. Cucumbers grafted with black-seed pumpkin can effectively control cucumber fusarium wilt and delay the occurrence of downy mildew. After grafting eggplants with CRP (Eryngium spp.) and tomato as rootstocks, the occurrence of verticillium wilt can be basically controlled .

    2. Improve the ability of plants to withstand low temperatures. Because the rootstock has developed root system and strong stress resistance, the grafted seedlings are obviously resistant to low temperature. For example, cucumber grafted with black seed pumpkin has good root elongation at low temperature, and the root system can still grow normally when the ground temperature is 12-15℃ and the temperature is 6-10℃.

    3. Conducive to overcoming the harm of continuous cropping. Cucumber roots are fragile and avoid continuous cropping. Sunlight greenhouse cultivation is extremely vulnerable to soil salt accumulation and harmful substances. After switching to black seed pumpkin roots, the harm of soil salt accumulation and harmful substances can be greatly reduced.

    4. Expanded the range and capacity of root absorption. The root system of the grafted plant doubles that of the self-rooted seedling, and can absorb about 30% more nitrogen and potassium and 80% more phosphorus than the self-rooted seedling in the same area, and can utilize the phosphorus in the deep soil.

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    Sanjay | 10/26/2020 1:53 AM
    Time to lubricate the pruning shears
    How often should I lubricate my pruning shears?
    A manager responded to this review
    First, you should fix your lubrication time, otherwise you will forget to lubricate your pruning shears. The best lubrication time is before and after use. When you cut a large number of branches with pruning shears, you should apply more lubricant to your pruning shears.