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    2.0Amp Corded Electric Drill, 3/4 Inch

    Good price corded electric drill for sale. Applicable max drill bit φ20mm (3/4 inch) for wood, φ10mm for metal. Power supply can select 220V 2.0A or 240V 1.9A. Motor power 450W, variable speed 0-2600 rpm. Best electric drill for home use.
    SKU: T-CDED-450
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    The corded electric drill can be used for drilling on wood, metal, brick, tile, etc. Lightweight, compact size, easy to operate by hand.


    Model T-XJZ04-10A
    Max. Drill Bit Diameter wood: 3/4 inch (20mm)
    metal: 10mm
    Rated Voltage 220V/50Hz, 240V/60Hz
    Rated Power 450W
    Rated Current 2.0A, 1.9A
    No-Load Speed 0-2600 rpm
    Chuck Capacity 10mm
    Max. Torque 20 N.m
    Weight 1.2 kg

    Corded Electric Drill Applications: Wall drilling, door and window installation, shelf installation, table and chair installation, pendant installation, etc.

    Function of 20mm Corded Electric Drill, 2.0A

    Corded Electric Drill Structure Diagram

    Structure diagram of 20mm corded electric drill 450W

    Drill Bit Installation

    1. Press the lower part of chuck tightly, twist the upper part left and right to adjust the three-jaw chuck to a suitable position.
    2. Put the suitable drill bit into three-jaw chuck and adjust it to a suitable length.
    3. Press the lower part of chuck tightly, rotate the upper part of chuck clockwise, and tighten it firmly.

    Drill Bit Installation of 20mm Corded Electric Drill, 2.0A

    Tips: Corded electric drill use precautions.

    1. Check whether power cord is damaged before using corded electric drill. If it is damaged, it must be wrapped with insulating tape. During using, do not let electric drill touch water, or drag and step it, or touch heat sources and corrosive media.
    2. To prevent corded electric drill from turning suddenly when plug is inserted into power socket, make sure that the switch is in the off state before use.
    3. Before use, check whether the transmission part is flexible, whether there is abnormal noise, whether screw is loose, and whether commutator spark is normal. You can let corded electric drill rotate without loading for 0.5~1 minute to observe the status.
    4. Hold corded electric drill firmly with both hands when drilling, and do not operate with one hand as much as possible.
    5. Do not use drill bit with gap. Do not press too much downward force when drilling to prevent drill bit from breaking.
    6. Operations such as cleaning up drill bit scraps and replacing drill bit must be performed with disconnected power supply.
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    Rhino | 7/20/2021 1:52 AM
    Great value corded electric drill
    For a corded drill, this 2.0 Amp corded electric drill is incomparable! I found this drill at an excellent price, so I bought it. The electric drill is quite suitable for various projects around the house. This is a great lightweight drill that I can pick up easily. I used this drill for the first time last weekend and was immensely satisfied with its quality of build and incredible power. I will buy it again.