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    2.5Amp Corded Electric Drill, 1-1/5 Inch

    Best corded electric drill for sale. Drill bit φ1-1/5 inch (30mm) for wood drilling, φ10mm for metal drilling. Motor power 550W, optional power supply 220V 2.5A or 240V 2.3A, variable rotation speed 0-1000 rpm. Industrial/commercial/home use.
    SKU: T-CDED-550
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    Ideal price corded electric drill is powered by 550W motor, 220V (2.5A) power supply. Drilling on wood, metal, brick, tile. Installation of door and window, shelf, table and chair, pendant, etc.


    Model T-XJZ05-10A
    Max. Drill Bit Diameter wood: 1-1/5 inch (30mm)
    metal: 10mm
    Rated Voltage 220V/50Hz, 240V/60Hz
    Rated Power 550W
    Rated Current 2.5A, 2.3A
    No-Load Speed 0-1000 rpm
    Chuck Capacity 10mm
    Max. Torque 20 N.m
    Weight 1.3 kg

    Corded Electric Drill Structure Diagram

    Structure of 1-1/5 Inch Corded electric Drill, 2.5A

    Corded Electric Drill Applications

    Functions of 1-1/5" Corded electric Drill, 2.5A

    Drill Bit Installation

    1. Unscrew the chuck to a suitable size.
    2. Insert the drill bit.
    3. Tighten the chuck.

    Drill Bit Installation of 1-1/5 inch Corded Electric Drill, 2.5A

    Tips: Corded electric drill safe operation guidelines.

    1. When drilling in a small workpiece, must clamp it with fixture, and then the corded electric drill can be used.
    2. When operating, drilling force should not be too large to prevent drill bit or tap from flying out and hurting people.
    3. Before use corded electric drill, check drill bit for cracks or damage. If there is, replace it immediately.
    4. Pay attention to rotation direction and feed direction of drill bit.
    5. Before remove the workpiece, turn off power first, and wait for drill bit to stop completely. Do not touch drill bit with hands immediately after drilling, because drill bit may overheat and burn your skin.
    6. If there is a large spark on commutator or electric drill is overheated during use, it must be stopped and checked. Remove dirt in time, replace worn brushes, and adjust spring pressure of the brush holder.
    7. To avoid cutting fingers, make sure that all fingers are kept away from the workpiece or drill bit during operation.
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    Angie | 1/21/2021 8:53 AM
    Great corded electric drill
    I finally received the corded electric drill that my dad bought online. It looks like a very good corded electric drill. The style is the same as that described in the picture, and it has a lot of weight in the hand. The corded electric drill is sensitive and easy to use, and can easily drill holes in wood, metal, brick and ceramic tiles.