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    6 Ton Battery Powered Hydraulic Crimping Tool

    Hydraulic crimping tool for terminal, cable, pipe. Powered by 18V 3.0Ah lithium battery. Crimping force 6 ton (60KN), crimping range 16-300mm², with 11 dies. Stroke 17mm, cycle 3s-6s. High performance and good price.
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    Battery powered crimping pliers, mainly used for crimping copper and aluminum terminals. Can crimp C-clamp and H-clamp.


    Model T-EZ-300
    Crimping Force 6 Ton (60KN)
    Crimping Range 16-300mm2
    Stroke 17mm
    Crimp Times/Charge 320 times per saturation voltage (copper wire 150mm2)
    Crimping Cycle 3-6s (according to cable diameter)
    Voltage 18V Lithium
    Battery Capacity 3.0Ah
    Charging Voltage AC 100V~240V, 50Hz~60Hz
    Charging Time 2 hours
    Crimping Dies 16, 25, 35, 50, 70, 95, 120, 150, 185, 240, 300mm2
    Weight 6.5 kg

    Full Set Product Diagram

    Full Set Diagram of 6 Ton Crimping Tool, 16-300mm² 11 Dies

    ① Hydraulic Crimping Pliers
    ② 1 Charger
    ③ 2 Batteries
    ④ 11 Dies

    Structure Diagram of Hydraulic Crimping Tool

    Structure of 6 Ton Crimping Tool, 16-300mm² 11 Dies

    Dimension Drawing of Hydraulic Crimping Tool

    Dimension of 6 Ton Crimping Tool, 16-300mm² 11 Dies


    • The machine head can be rotated by 180°, convenient for taking out the crimping tube, and is suitable for continuing add tubes during working process.
    • Double speed and double acting hydraulic device design. During the process of low pressure crimping, piston advances rapidly. After the mold contacts terminal, piston advances slowly to ensure crimping quality.

    Installation Diagram

    Installation Diagram of 6 Ton Battery Powered Hydraulic Crimping Tool

    Tips: Operation steps of battery powered hydraulic crimping tool.

    1. Press the battery button, insert battery into crimping tool, and then release the button. As shown in Figure 1.
    2. Choose a suitable crimping die and insert it into crimping joint. A sound indicates that the mold is locked. As shown in ① of Figure 2.
    3. When there is no pressure in crimping tool, rotate crimping joint to the desired position. As shown in ② of Figure 2.
    4. Insert cable into the terminal to be crimped, and then put it in crimping tool. Press the control button and the die quickly approaches terminal. If release the control button at this time, the die will stop immediately. Press the control button again, the die will continue to advance quickly. After the die contacts terminal, it becomes a slow crimping. When the two dies are in contact, they are crimped into place. At this time, release the control button, crimping die will automatically return to the starting position.
    5. Press the control button to start crimping. LED lights immediately light up to illuminate work space. Release the control button after operation is completed, and LED light will automatically turn off after 10s.

    Battery installation for hydraulic crimping tool Die installation for hydraulic crimping tool

    Existing reviews
    Russ 9/7/2020 8:43 PM
    The crimping tool works perfect
    The crimping tool have a smooth and effective ratchet mechanism, which can provide a uniform crimping area for the joint and is easy to crimp. The handle is very comfortable and easy to operate and novices can also complete the work excellently. The good positive double crimp design makes the operation foolproof.
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