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    7-Drawer Steel Rolling Tool Cabinet

    Heavy duty 7-drawer rolling tool storage cabinet, 620*330*880mm (150kg weight capacity) or 660*460*965mm (300kg weight capacity) in sizes, high quality steel structure for long lasting, smooth ball-bearing drawer slide. With 2 swivel and 2 fixed wheels, ergonomic tubular handle, easy to move round, large space mobile tool chest, ideal for garage tools.
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    Buy heavy duty 7-drawer roller tool storage cabinet online at affordable price. The tool cabinet is selectable in two sizes of 620*330*880mm with weight capacity 150kg and 660*460*965mm with weight capacity 300kg. Best tool chest for well storing and organizing your garage tools.


    • Made of high quality cold rolled steel, high strength and durability.
    • With suface coating finish, the tool cabinet is rust resistant and wear resistant.
    • Built-in locking system to sercue your tools and hardware.
    • Ball bearing drawer slide provides solid and smooth performance.
    • Tool cabinet on wheels, 2 universal wheels and 2 directional wheels, easy to move around the workshop.
    • The universal wheels with toe lock keeps the tool chest in place.


    Model T-7-620 T-7-660
    Material Steel
    Size (with Wheels) 620*330*880mm (L*W*H) 660*460*965 (L*W*H)
    Number of Drawers 7 7
    Drawers Size 510*265*55mm (2 small drawers)
    510*265*90mm (5 large drawers)
    575*395*65mm (5 small drawer)
    575*395*145mm (2 large drawers)
    Weight Capacity 150kg 300kg
    Weight 28.6kg 48.6kg

    Note: The sizes are approximate.


    7-Drawer Rolling Tool Cabinet Details

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    Damia | 8/12/2021 7:20 AM
    Absolutely perfect rolling tool cabinet
    This product is incredibly well built and sturdy. The actual size of the storage area is bigger than I hoped. The wheels are quite a large diameter, which makes rolling very easy. I'm absolutely delighted at the appearance, function, value and flexibility of this 7-drawer steel rolling tool cabinet. A perfect tool cabinet!