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    9 Inch Air Blow Gun, 90 psi

    Buy high performance air blow gun online. The plastic barrel is 230mm (9 inch) long, air inlet size is 1/4 inch, working pressure is 90 psi. Trigger precisely controls air flow to workpiece. Hook design for easy storage, flexible and convenient placement.
    SKU: T-KP-127
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    Best air blow gun at affordable price. 9 inch plastic barrel, 1/4 inch air inlet, 90 psi working pressure. Has the features of strong wind, smooth air flow, remarkable cleaning effect and durability.


    Model T-KP-127
    Barrel length 9 Inch/ 230mm
    Working pressure 90 PSI
    Air inlet size 1/4 Inch
    Barrel material Plastic
    Handle material Plastic
    Overall length 320mm
    Net weight 0.14kg
    Package weight 0.3kg


    Application 2 of air dust gunApplication 1 of air dust gun

    Tips: Maintenance of air tools

    1. Add 3 to 4 drops of special pneumatic maintenance oil (sewing machine oil) into the tool air inlet before and after each use of the pneumatic tool to reduce wear and extend the service life of the pneumatic tool.
    2. Install a filter on the air supply source to ensure that the air supply to the air tool is dry and free of impurities.
    3. Regular cleaning, refueling and maintenance. Adjust to proper working air pressure and replace worn parts in time.
    4. When air tools are not in use, anti-rust oil should be applied, and air inlets and other exposed holes should be blocked to prevent pollutants from entering the tool.
    5. Pneumatic tools should be regularly inspected for safety. The specific items to be inspected mainly include:

    • The air source hose and joint should be connected reliably, and no air leakage should be allowed. The inlet valve should be well sealed, switch flexible, and the entire gas path should be sealed without air leakage.
    • The air supply pipe should be intact and should be replaced immediately if it has defects such as wear, aging, corrosion, and local air leakage or bulging.
    • Check the protective device, and replace it in time if it is worn, cracked, or bent.
    • Check whether the working parts are in good condition. If there are cracks or defects, they should be replaced immediately.
    • Check whether the operating speed and condition of the pneumatic tools are good.
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    Carlos | 1/5/2021 9:09 AM
    9 inch blow gun with strong wind
    This blow gun is very windy, and I use it to clean the oil and dust in the gaps of the machine. The length of the air blow gun is very long, it will not blow on people's faces, and the handle switch is more convenient than those of the conventional version. I hope it can be used for a longer time.