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    98 cm Telescopic Hollow Drum Hammer

    Reasonable price telescopic hollow drum hammer for sale, with 98cm full length, 19mm ball diameter and 12mm rod diameter. This sound detector can be stretched freely and mainly used for home inspections.
    SKU: T-HDH-98
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    Buy best adjustable hollow hammer inspection tools with good price. It can not only check whether the house has empty drums, but also can be used in other application areas such as tour guides, blackboard demonstrations, operating instructions and slate demonstrations.


    Model T-HDH-98
    Product Name 98cm Hollow Drum Hammer
    Product Weight 92g
    Grip Length 11.5cm
    Number Of Shaft Sections 6 Knots
    Maximum Diameter of Rod 12mm
    Ball Diameter 19mm
    Length After Shrinking 22cm
    Product Color Red, Yellow, Blue, Green
    Material Stainless Steel
    Total Length 98cm


    The hollow drum hammer inspection tool consists of a solid ball and a telescopic adjustment rod. Each joint can be stretched freely to avoid scratching others. The reinforced groove is stable and reliable and will not shrink or shake during use.

    Tips: Functions of four types of hollow drum hammers

    The purpose of the round hollow drum hammer and the telescopic sound drum hammer is different during the home inspection and there is no better situation. Therefore, we need to understand the functions of various types of hollow drum hammers so that we can choose tools reasonably and achieve a multiplier effect with half the effort.

    1. The telescopic drum hammer is used to check wall hollowing and wall tile hollowing. The inspection of these places should be made of iron telescopic hammers, because the sound of the rubber hammer is not loud enough and obvious, it is impossible to make a good judgment.

    2. The round head hollow drum hammer is similar to the retractable drum hammer. It can be used to detect whether the house is hollow, wall tile detection, floor tile detection, various rough walls, and can also be used to check whether the wall or floor tile is empty drum situation.

    3. The needle hammer can only be used to check the hollowing of the tiles, and you can use the needle hammer to confirm the shape and size of the hollowing of the tiles after you are sure that there is a hollowing phenomenon.

    4. Rubber hammer is generally used on the surface with soft material and easy to damage, which can better protect the pattern.

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