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    Axe, 500g/600g/1250g

    Favorable price axes for sale, size in 500g/600g/1250g available. Carbon steel head with a rubber sleeve, fiberglass handle, black spray paint on the surface to prevent rust. The best splitting axe is mainly used for cutting wood, which is durable and practical.
    SKU: T-A-E
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    The best price axe has a protective rubber sleeve which is easy to store and carry. Fiberglass handle with PP and TPR material is hardness and shockproof. Axe tools are widely used in wood cutting, fire rescue, camping, and self-defense talisman, etc.


    Model T-A-500 T-A-600 T-A-1250
    Material Carbon Steel Carbon Steel Carbon Steel
    Handle Material Fiberglass + PP +TPR Fiberglass + PP +TPR Fiberglass + PP +TPR
    Size 500g 600g 1250g
    Weight 840g 940g 2240g
    Head Length 120mm 145mm 188mm
    Cutting Edge Length 80mm 105mm 125mm
    Handle Width 35mm 35mm 40mm
    Total Length 380mm 380mm 800mm
    Striking Area 48*20mm 38*20mm 56*26mm

    600g Axe Size


    500g Axe Application

    Tips: How to Choose an Axe?
    An axe is divided into double-edged axe and single-edged woodworking axe. The axe is mainly used for cutting trees with the blade in the middle, and the blade of the woodworking axe is in the left used for chopping woods. Selecting an axe depends on 3 factors are as follows:
    1. The shape of an axe. The shape should be well-defined with clear lines.
    2. Structure and steel blade. You should choose steel structure, that is, one side is iron and the other is tool steel. There should be a clear dividing line between steel and iron.
    3. Axe eye. The length of an axe eye should not be less than 28mm, the width should not be less than 10mm. It is not recommended to choose an axe of which the hole wall with a concave inside and outside narrow, or the middle of the axe is convex.

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    Silvia | 7/22/2021 7:35 AM
    Useful axe
    I mainly use this 500g axe for my outdoor adventures and camping trips. I used it to cut a lot of wood branches as firewood.  The axe is so light that I can carry it easily. Besides, the handle is made of rubber. Last week, I used it for three hours and my hands didn't get hurt. That was a pleasant surprise.