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    Cable Tie Tire Chain for Car/SUV/MPV, Size 12*950mm

    10 piece nylon cable tie tire chains for Car/SUV/MPV driving in snow, ice and mud, applies to most types of tires. Anti-skid tire chain features two row spikes, 12*950mm size, cheap price, manufacturer directly sale.
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    Cable tie snow chains have the lightest structure and the simplest installation method. A set of tire chain has 10 pieces of anti-skid cable ties in a poly bag. It is recommended to use one set for one tire. When driving on snow, the vehicle speed needs to be controlled below 30km/h.


    Model T-TIRC-CT1
    Weight 420g
    Size 12*950mm
    Color Orange
    Material Nylon66
    Working temperature -40~+85℃ (-40~+185℉)
    Working environment Snow, ice, mud
    Range of application Applying to 14-24 inches tires of Car/SUV/MPV. (The wheel hub should have holes for cable tie chains going through.)
    Installation Quick manual installation (no need a jack)
    Packing included 10 * cable tie tire chains
    1 * poly bag


    • New material
      Tire chain adopts new nylon material for injection molding, one-piece molding, smooth appearance, high strength, good toughness, corrosion resistance, low temperature resistance and safer driving.
    • Adjustable length
      The length of the snow chain can be adjusted freely through the wear-resistant cable tie. It is suitable for most wheels with 14-24 inch size, not for truck wheels.
    • Simple installation
      Tire chain can be installed according to the anti-skid requirements, and the density is adjustable. No need a car jack.
    • Small damage to the automotive tire
      Anti-skid tire chain will not scratch the wheel hub. The sustainable driving distance is about 40 kilometers.
    • Four anti-skid designs
      1. Small square point spikes
        Two row small square point spikes have wear-resistant, good ice-breaking slip resistance and strong ice-breaking. They assist tires adding grip, ice-breaking performance and anti-skid resistance, improving the safety of driving on icy and snowy ground.
      2. Laminated sawtooth anti-skid pattern
        The sawtooth anti-skid pattern is deeper. Anti-skid pattern increases the contact surface, which will improve the anti-skid performance and the wear resistance. The longitudinal sawtooth pattern increases the steering resistance of the tire and prevents sideslip.
      3. Gaps between spikes
        The gaps increase the depth of anti-skid grooves, combined with anti-skid spikes, greatly improve the performance of tire drainage and snow removal.
        The drainage of the tire determines its grip performance and safety performance. The drifting accident after tire wear is caused by the loss of drainage when the tire drain groove is heavy wear.
      4. Anti-skid points in back
        The anti-skid points are set on the back to fit the tire to prevent the tire and the snow chain from sliding, and the safety factor is enhanced.


    1. Take the buckle end of the anti-skid chain and insert it from the hole of wheel hub, and then pull it back.
    2. The tail of the cable tie tire chain is inserted into the buckle. And then tighten the anti-skid tie.
    3. Put the extra long cable tie back and tie a knot, or put it back into another anti-skid chain to fix it.


    1. Insert a slotted screwdriver into the buckle.
    2. Hold the buckle and pull the anti-skid tie out until all the cable tie is out.
    3. Remove all the cable tie tire chain and storage them back to the bag.
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    Petar | 3/17/2021 5:54 AM
    Car/SUV/MPV cable tie tire chain is easy to use
    This is an easy to use car/SUV/MPV cable tie tire chain that can help me out of trouble. I will not use them for a long time, but they can cope with occasional snow. It is small and does not take up space in my car.