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    Diagnostic Car Code Reader

    Best diagnostic car code reader for sale, 2.4 inch TFT color display, full 10 OBD2 diagnostic functions (included read & erase DTC, view vehicle information, test battery voltage & ignition status) and 7 enhanced functions make diagnosis easier and faster. Handheld car code reader also features data print and lifetime free update functions.
    SKU: T-DGT-02
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    Diagnostic car code reader has full 10 OBD2 diagnostic modes, 3 shortcut hot key and 4 enhanced functions.


    Model T-DGT-CR3008
    Shipping weight 0.8kg
    Display 2.4 inch TFT color display
    Function Full 10 OBD2 diagnostic functions:
    Read & erase DTCs
    I/M readiness status test
    Read freeze frame data
    Read & graph datastream
    Read vehicle information
    O2 sensor test
    On-board monitored systems test
    Component test
    Evap system test (mode 8)
    Battery voltage & ignition status test
    Read vehicle information (VIN/CID/CVD)
    3 shortcut hot key:
    Engine check light
    I/M readiness
    Battery test
    4 enhanced functions:
    DTC review
    Datastream review
    Misfire cylinder test
    Freeze frame review
    Warranty 12 months

    Tips: What is diagnostic code?
    Automobile diagnostic code is the fault code reflected by the analysis of the car computer ECU after the car has a fault. Generally,  diagnostic code is caused by the malfunction of the sensor fault sensor, but some mechanical fault cannot be read by ECU.
    When the automotive engine fails, the diagnostic car code reader will display the fault code after detecting. Through the fault code, the car mechanic can accurately find the faulty part and then repair it.
    There are two types of automobile diagnostic codes: One is accidental fault code, the other is actual fault code.
    Usually accidental fault codes can be cleared as long as they no longer appear, but if it is an actual fault code, it must be repaired before it can be cleared.
    Besides, when the following conditions occur on the circuit, the fault code cannot be called through the self-diagnosis system:

    1. The circuit connecting with the ignition switch, ECU, fault warning light (CHECK), and communication interface is open circuit or shortcircuit.
    2. The self-diagnosis output signal is abnormal due to ECU failure.
    3. Failure warning light (CHECK) and communication interface are damaged.
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    Matthew | 10/15/2020 1:50 AM
    The diagnostic speed of the diagnostic car code reader is very fast
    Recently, my car is always malfunctioning, so I have to buy this diagnostic car code reader. It diagnoses the cause of the car malfunction very quickly and only takes a few seconds. When my car broke down again, I quickly learned the cause of the car breakdown and took corresponding measures and my car was quickly repaired.