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    Chip Paint Brush, Wool, 1/2/3/4/5/8 Inch

    Buy best chip paint brush at a low price, it is a well-made delicate painting brush set with soft and smooth wool and high quality wood, durable and washable to use. There are a wide ranging of sizes for user to choose, including 1 inch / 2 inch / 3 inch / 4 inch / 5 inch / 8 inch size.
    SKU: T-CPBW-1-8
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    Wholesale chip paint brush offers 6 optional sizes. Wool helps user to paint evenly and wood nonslip handle for long time use, suitable for painting on wall, furniture and other both small and large surfaces as a multifunction painting tool.


    Model T-0008
    Size (Optional) 1 inch / 2 inch / 3 inch / 4 inch / 5 inch / 8 inch
    Handle Material Wood
    Hair Material Wool
    Material Application Watercolor, acrylic, latex, epoxy, varnish, oil based coating, paint remover


    Size Overall Length Brush Width
    1 Inch 140mm (5.5 inch) 25mm (1 inch)
    2 Inch 175mm (6.9 inch) 55mm (2.2 inch)
    3 Inch 190mm (7.5 inch) 75mm (3 inch)
    4 Inch 205mm (8.1 inch) 98mm (3.9 inch)
    5 Inch 220mm (8.7 inch) 120mm (4.7 inch)
    8 Inch 220mm (8.7 inch) 170mm (6.7 inch)


    Chip paint brush wool size

    Tips: Introduction of wool chip paint brush

    • Wool is one of the earliest natural fibers used in textiles by humans, and it is also one of the materials often used in industrial brushes. Wool brushes are an important category of brushes and are widely used in the decoration industry.
    • The wool chip paint brush has the characteristics of large paint content, good leveling, and can evenly spit out the paint so that the paint surface is smooth, the thickness is consistent and it is not easy to leave brush patterns and bristles on the painted surface, and it feels smooth and durable during construction.
    • High-quality wool brushes have the following characteristics: the brush has well-made wooden handle, white color, long and thick wools which has strong elasticity and are not easy to shed.
    • The wool chip paint brush can be washed by warm water (if painted with water-based paint) or cleanser (if painted with grease paint) after painting every one or two months. User should dry them and collect them after washing, keep and pack them well if they are not used often to avoid wools to attach dust.
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    Paul | 8/11/2021 9:57 AM
    Cheap wool brushes
    I needed some inexpensive brushes to apply some paint to the corner of the kitchen. I bought 5 inch and 8 inch chip paint brushes. These tools are excellent choices for me. The brushes are set with soft wool and the bristles don't fall out. It can paint evenly! The wooden handle material is comfortable to grip. Great purchase for the price.