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    Claw Garden Genie Gloves

    Garden genie gloves with claws for digging and planting, claws on right hand, year-round use, natural latex paint, protect your hands free of dirt to prevent scratches.
    SKU: T-GG-20
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    Garden genie gloves with 4 claws, protect your fingers in loose soil, planting, claw garden gloves waterproof and durable, you will experience the joy of gardening.


    Model T-GG-20
    Poduct Name Garden Genie Gloves
    Gloves Material Natural Latex + ABS
    Uses Dig soil, grow flowers, and plant flowers
    Color Green, purple
    Weight 147g


    Garden genie gloves


    The tip of the gardening genie glove is made of high-density plastic, making digging and planting fast and easy.
    This unique gardening glove not only has claws for digging at the end, but the glove is super durable and has strong puncture resistance. Whether you are sifting, digging, or grabbing with the glove, it can protect your hands from injury.
    Gardening genie gloves have extremely high durability and flexibility, so you can still handle small objects carefully. In addition, since the gloves are completely waterproof, you don't have to worry about digging holes in mud or wet places, and you don't have to worry about the gloves penetrating your hands. Cleaning is also easy, because you can rinse the gloves off with a hose or tap.
    This Garden Genie Gloves is the perfect gift for moms, gardening enthusiasts or people who often work outdoors with their hands. This glove is very suitable for digging pits, planting seeds, spreading and leveling topsoil, raking and removing debris, etc.

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    Jon | 9/25/2020 3:13 AM
    Affordable claw garden genie gloves
    After purchasing the product for so many years, the price of this claw garden genie gloves shocked me. The price of a set of gloves is very cheap. If you buy more, the merchant will give you more discount. I bought ten pairs of gloves at once, the quality of the gloves is also very good, wear-resistant, it seems that I can use it for a long time.