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    14V/16V Cordless Drill, 22mm/20mm

    Cheap electric drill for sale, cordless hand-held. Powered by lithium battery, 14.4V or 16.8V for selection. Drilling capacity 10mm for steel and 22mm or 20mm for wood. 2-level variable speed 0-350 rpm and 0-1350 rpm. Max torque 30 Nm and 18+1 torque settings. Best quality and affordable price.
    SKU: T-CED-1420
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    Model T-DL-0914D T-DL-1316D
    Battery 14.4V/1.5Ah 16.8V/1.5Ah
    No-Load Speed 0-350 rpm/0-1350 rpm 0-350 rpm/0-1350 rpm
    Max. Torque 30Nm 30 Nm
    Torque Settings 18+1 18+1
    Chuck Range 0.8-10mm 0.8-10mm
    Wood Drill Capacity 22mm 20mm
    Steel Drill Capacity 10mm 10mm
    Charging Time 1 hour 1 hour
    Weight 1.1 kg 1kg


    • Rechargeable lithium battery, 1 hour fast charger.
    • Small cordless electric drill with lightweight, operate easily even for a woman.
    • Suitable for drilling on wood, steel, ceramic tile and screwing screws.

    Details Diagram of Cordless Drill

    T-DL-0914D T-DL-1316D
    Structure of 14V 22mm Cordless Drill, Model 0914D Structure of 16V 20mm Cordless Drill, Model 1316D
    Function of 14/16V 22/20mm Cordless Drill

    Drill Bit Installation

    Drill Bit Installation of 14V/16V Cordless Drill, 22mm/20mm

    • Lock the chuck clockwise.
    • Open the chuck counterclockwise.

    Tips: Cordless drill battery usage.

    1. Battery installation and disassembly.

    Cordless drill battery disassembly: Hold the handle firmly, and then push the battery latch to remove battery.

    Cordless drill battery installation: confirm the positive and negative poles before inserting the battery.

    2. Charging.

    Insert cordless drill battery into charger correctly, and it can be fully charged at 20°C according to the time on product instruction. Note that the rechargeable battery has a temperature control switch inside. Battery will be powered off when it exceeds 45°C and cannot be charged. It can continue to be charged after cooling.

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