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    Cordless Electric Rebar Cutter, 5/8", 140W

    Cordless electric rebar cutter, rechargeable. Cutting range Ф4-Ф16mm (5/8-inch). Lithium battery voltage 18V, output power 140W. Cutting speed 4s~4.5s. Applicable materials include steel bar, round bar, square steel, iron rod, carbon steel, etc.
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    Cordless electric rebar cutter for sale. It is portable hydraulic steel bar cutting machine powered by 18V lithium battery. Providing the best way to cut rebar without long power wire.


    Model T-ERCT-RC16B
    Cutting Range Ф4-Ф16mm (1/6.35"~5/8")
    Battery Voltage 18V
    Output Power 140W
    Machine Length 400mm
    Weight 14kg
    Accessories battery*2, charger*1, auxiliary handle*1
    Package steel case

    Inapplicable materials: anchor chain, high hardness round steel, alloy with unknown composition, flat iron, stainless steel, various U-shaped locks.


    • High performance and reasonable price. Powerful high-capacity 18V lithium battery driving. Open-ended cutter head design, easy to use, can quickly replace the blade. After the rebar is cut, the machine automatically resets, high efficiency.
    • Cordless electric rebar cutter is widely used in steel mills, coal mines, railways, oil fields, bridges, highways, housing construction and other industries that require rapid cutting of steel bars.
    • Cordless electric rebar cutter has a faster cutting speed than grinding wheel cutter machine. No iron debris and sparks will be generated during cutting, to avoid accidents such as burns to skin and iron chips flying into eyes, safe and environmentally friendly.

    Cordless Electric Rebar Cutter Structure Diagram

    Structure Diagram of Cordless Electric Rebar Cutter, 5/8”, 140W

    Cordless Electric Rebar Cutter Standard Configuration

    Structure Diagram of Cordless Electric Rebar Cutter, 5/8”, 140W

    ① cordless electric rebar cutter ② hydraulic oil ③ open end wrench ④spare screw for blade ⑤ Allen wrench

    Tips: Daily maintenance for cordless electric rebar cutter.

    1. After using the cordless electric rebar cutter, cut off the power supply. Use steel brush to remove debris between cutter gaps. Clean and lubricate the whole rebar cutter.
    2. After cutting dozens of times continuously and the pump body heating, be sure to let rebar cutter cool to room temperature, then use it again. Otherwise the pump body and seals will be damaged due to excessive temperature.
    3. Regularly check whether the base screws of pressure valve are loose. Tighten screws in time to avoid oil leakage and affect cutting force.
    4. Replace hydraulic oil regularly. It is recommended to use high-quality hydraulic oil above 46#. In general, hydraulic oil needs to be replaced once the cordless electric rebar cutter has been used for 3~4 months.
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    Jensen | 4/7/2021 7:38 AM
    High quality 140W cordless electric rebar cutter
    Okay, thank you for your guarantee and update. I am very satisfied with your 140W cordless electric rebar cutter.