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    18V Cordless Impact Drill, 24mm

    Cordless electric drill with impact function. Powered by 18V 1.5Ah lithium battery. Maximum drilling capacity 24mm for wood and 10mm for steel. 2-level no-load speed 0-400 rpm and 1400 rpm. Max torque 32 Nm, 25+3 torque settings. Competitive price and high drilling efficiency.
    SKU: T-CED-1824T
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    The cordless impact drill adds impact function on the basis of ordinary cordless electric drill. 3 functions of flat drill, impact and screwdriver can be switched. Applicable materials are wood, steel, ceramic tile and so on. Small size, compact structure and lightweight, easy for handheld operation.


    Model T-DL-1218T
    Battery 18V/1.5Ah
    No-Load Speed 0-400 rpm/0-1400 rpm
    Max. Torque 32Nm
    Torque Settings 25+3
    Chuck Range 0.8-10mm
    Wood Drill Capacity 24mm
    Steel Drill Capacity 10mm
    Charging Time 1 hour
    Weight 1.2 kg

    Cordless Impact Drill Functions

    Impact Function of Cordless Impact Drill Flat Drill Function of Cordless Impact Drill Screwdriver Function of Cordless Impact Drill
    Impact Function Flat Drill Function Screwdriver Function
    Applications Applications Applications
    • concrete drilling
    • cement brick drilling
    • red brick wall drilling
    • ceramic tile drilling
    • wood drilling
    • metal drilling
    • electrical disassembly
    • toy disassembly
    • furniture assembly

    Cordless Drill Details Diagram

    Structure of 18V Cordless Impact Drill, 24mm

    Application of 18V Cordless Impact Drill, 24mm

    Tips: Cordless Impact Drill troubleshooting.

    Not long after the cordless impact drill is used, rotate speed slows down or even does not rotate.
    Causes Solutions
    1. Battery set is damaged.
    2. Battery set is not fully charged.
    1. Replace with a new battery.
    2. 2. Recharge.
    Cordless impact drill sometimes rotates and sometimes doesn't rotates.
    Causes Solutions
    1. Internal failure of motor.
    2. Power switch is faulty.
    3. Poor contact of battery set.
    1. Replace or repair the motor.
    2. Replace power switch.
    3. Check the electrode of battery set.


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    John | 7/14/2021 3:36 AM
    Lightweight and reliable
    This is an absolutely amazing 18V cordless impact drill. When the drill arrived, I was blown away by the excellent quality. It is nice and sturdy, the speed drill has great power and works well.  Furthermore, the drill is light and reliable, and easy for me to do a lot of home projects. Such an awesome product!