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    1180W Electric Hammer, 26mm, 880 rpm

    Good price electric hammer. Industrial 1180W high power, 880 rpm no-load speed. Maximum drilling diameter is 26mm. Impact rate 0~3900/min. SDS-plus drill. Working method is rotary/demolition/drill/chisel for different models.
    SKU: T-EHM-880
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    Application: Specialized engineering such as shovel, slotting, drilling, mining, grooving and construction, decoration, concrete breaking, etc.


    Model T-EHM-630 T-EHM-631 T-EHM-633
    Function drilling, shoveling, chiseling drilling drilling
    Clutch no no yes
    Rated Power 1180W
    Voltage 220V/110V
    No-load Speed 880 rpm
    Max. Drilling Diameter 26mm
    Impact Rate 0-3900/min
    Drill Type SDS-Plus
    Speed Regulation no
    Working Method Rotary, Demolition Rotary Hammer Rotary Hammer
    Standard Configuration electric hammer, tool box, small bottle of grease, dust cap
    Weight 6.66kg 6.46kg 6.51kg


    • Continuous multi-function electric hammer with long-lasting endurance.
    • 6-station orientation function, unhindered drilling/chiseling direction, easy to use and efficient.
    • Siamese structure design, easy to assemble and disassemble. Thicken the shell to ensure continuous work without cracking.
    • Hole-type heat dissipation system enhances heat dissipation and reduces dust from entering the machine.

    Structure Diagram of Electric Hammer

    Structure Diagram of Electric Hammer Model 630
    T-EHM-631 T-EHM-633
    Structure Diagram of Electric Hammer Model 631/633

    Tips: Rotary hammer electrical failure.

    Rotary hammer electrical faults mainly include open circuit, short circuit and grounding as well as large sparks in rotor commutation ring.

    Open circuit is most likely due to the broken leather thread, which is most common at the root of the handle. In this disconnection, connect power cord of rotary hammer to the resistance of multimeter and press the switch. Then move the root of leather thread by hand, the reading of multimeter will change at this time. In addition, the root of plug is also easy to break, and there are many cases of broken switches. Poor contact of carbon brushes can also cause disconnection.

    There are 2 ways to check for poor contact of carbon brushes. One way is to observe the end surface of carbon brush. If it is smooth, it means the contact is good, otherwise the contact is poor. The other way is to connect the test leads of multimeter to motor terminal. Use two screwdrivers to simultaneously press on brush socket and rotor. If it is turned on at this time, it means that the motor has no fault.

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