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    Electric Rebar Cutter, 3/4", 1050W

    High quality electric rebar cutter for sale. Cutting range Ф4-Ф20mm (3/4-inch). Output power 1050W. Cutting speed 2.5s~3s. Applicable materials include steel bar, round bar, square steel, iron rod, carbon steel, etc. Cost-effective steel bar cutting machine.
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    Portable electric rebar cutter are widely used in construction sites and road construction. Cutting and processing all kinds of common screw steel, flat steel, hot rolled round steel, square steel, medium carbon steel, low carbon steel and angle steel, etc. In addition, it can also cut stainless steel wire, cold drawn wire, aluminum wire, leather steel wire, etc.


    Model T-ERCT-RC20
    Cutting Range Ф4-Ф20mm (1/6.35"~3/4")
    Voltage 110V/60Hz, 220V/50Hz
    Output Power 1050W
    Machine Length 460mm
    Weight 12.5kg
    Package steel case

    Note: Electric rebar cutter is forbidden to cut the following materials.

    anchor chain, high hardness round steel, alloy with unknown composition, flat iron, stainless steel, various U-shaped locks

    Electric rebar cutter is forbidden to cut the following materials.

    Electric Rebar Cutter Structure Diagram

    Structure Diagram of Electric Rebar Cutter, 3/4”, 1050W

    Electric Rebar Cutter Standard Configuration

    Standard Configuration of Electric Rebar Cutter, 3/4", 1050W

    ① electric rebar cutter ② hydraulic oil ③ open end wrench ④spare screw for blade ⑤ Allen wrench

    Tips: Precautions for using electric rebar cutter.

    • It is strictly forbidden to use the electric rebar cutter to cut or bend materials that exceed the specified diameter and strength, so as not to affect service life.
    • Before cutting, steel bar must be placed horizontally at the bottom of fixture, and make steel bar and chuck axis at a 90° included angle.
    • Release switch immediately after rebar is bent to the end. It is strictly forbidden to hold it down to avoid damage to motor.
    • When using the electric rebar cutter, keep air vent on the top of rebar cutter unobstructed, otherwise cylinder will be blocked and the machine will be damaged.
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    Hendry | 11/17/2020 2:56 AM
    Widely used electric steel cutter
    With the progress of the times, the tools used in the factory are gradually updated, which are not only easy to use, but also have a wide range of applications. Take this electric steel bar cutter that has just been introduced in our factory. It can not only be used for the processing of ordinary rebar, flat steel, square steel, medium carbon steel, but also can cut aluminum wire, leather wire, etc. And in the process of operation It will not produce sparks, dust or odors, it is very safe for the human body, and the work enthusiasm of the workers is getting higher and higher.