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    Electric Rebar Cutter, 7/8", 1.6kW

    Competitive price electric rebar cutter for sale. Ф4-Ф22mm (7/8-inch) cutting range. 1.6kW high output power. 2.5s~3s cutting speed. Suitable materials are steel bar, round bar, square steel, iron rod, carbon steel. Excellent portable steel bar cutting machine.
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    Inapplicable materials: anchor chain, high hardness round steel, alloy with unknown composition, flat iron, stainless steel, various U-shaped locks.


    Model T-ERCT-RC22
    Cutting Range Ф4-Ф22mm (1/6.35"~7/8")
    Voltage 110V/60Hz, 220V/50Hz
    Output Power 1.6kW
    Machine Length 550mm
    Weight 21.5kg
    Package steel case


    • Portable electric rebar cutter is light in weight, small in size, easy to carry and easy to operate.
    • No sparks and dust are generated during the cutting process, and no odor.
    • It is mainly used to cut steel bars for construction, such as rebar, round bar, steel rod, iron rod, screw, etc.

    Structure Diagram of Electric Rebar Cutter

    Structure Diagram of Electric Rebar Cutter, 7/8”, 1.6kW

    Standard Configuration

    Standard Configuration of Electric Rebar Cutter, 7/8", 1.6kW

    ① electric rebar cutter ② hydraulic oil ③ open end wrench ④spare screw for blade ⑤ Allen wrench

    Tips: Electric rebar cutter usage guide.

    1. Surface of rebar workbench should be kept level with the lower part of cutter. The length of the workbench can be determined according to the length of the processed rebar.
    2. Before starting, check and confirm that the cutter has no cracks, tool holder bolts are fastened, and protective cover is firm. Then check the gear meshing gap and adjust cutter gap.
    3. After starting, make rebar cutter to operate without load for a period of time. After confirming that all transmission parts and bearings are operating normally, start cutting off.
    4. When rebar cutter does not reach the normal speed, it must not start to cut. When cutting, use the middle and lower parts of cutter, hold rebar firmly, align the cutting edge, and cut quickly. Operator should stand on the side of the fixed blade and press rebar strongly to prevent the end of rebar from popping out and hurting people. It is strictly forbidden to hold rebar on both sides of the blade with both hands and leaning over to feed material.
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