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    Electric Rebar Cutter, 1", 1050W

    Affordable price electric rebar cutter for sale. Cutting range Ф4-Ф25mm (1-inch). Output power 1050W. Cutting speed 2.5s~3s. Suitable for steel bar, iron rod, carbon steel, round bar, square steel. Portable steel bar cutting machine with high efficiency.
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    Electric rebar cutter is the best way to cut steel bars such as rebar, round bar, steel rod, iron rod, screw, etc. The portable hand-held rebar cutter is operated by hydraulic system and motor. No sparks, no dust and no odor during the cutting process.


    Model T-ERCT-RC25
    Cutting Range Ф4-Ф25mm (1/6.35"~1")
    Voltage 110V/60Hz, 220V/50Hz
    Output Power 1050W
    Machine Length 460mm
    Weight 32kg
    Package steel case

    Inapplicable materials: anchor chain, high hardness round steel, alloy with unknown composition, flat iron, stainless steel, various U-shaped locks.

    Electric Rebar Cutter Structure Diagram

    Structure of Electric Rebar Cutter, 1 inch, 1050W

    Electric Rebar Cutter Standard Configuration

    Standard Configuration of Electric Rebar Cutter, 1", 1050W

    ① electric rebar cutter ② hydraulic oil ③ a pair of spare carbon brushes ④ 22-24 open end wrench ⑤ 17-19 open end wrench ⑥ slotted screwdriver ⑦ Allen wrench*3

    Tips: How to ensure safety when using electric rebar cutter?

    • Do not use the electric rebar cutter to cut rebar with diameter and strength exceeding nameplate and red-hot rebar. When cutting multiple rebars at one time, the total cross-sectional area should be within the specified range.
    • When cutting low-alloy steel bars, replace a high-hardness cutter.
    • When cutting short steel bars, the distance between hand and cutter should be kept above 150mm. If the part of rebar held by hand is less than 400mm, press the short end of rebar with a sleeve or clamp it with a clamp.
    • When the electric rebar cutter is running, it is strictly forbidden to directly remove broken ends and debris near the cutter by hand. Non-operators are not allowed to stay around the rebar swing area and the cutter.
    • If it is found that the electric rebar cutter is running abnormally, there is abnormal noise or cutter is skewed, it should be shut down immediately for maintenance.
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    Damia | 7/23/2021 8:46 AM
    Safe machine
    I used a manual rebar cutter all the time, but not anymore. This 1050W electric rebar cutter gets the job done much faster and effortlessly. The cutter is really safe! When I used it for my work, there were no sparks and dust appeared. It cuts through the strong steel with ease. I have used this one every week for over a year and it works great. Fantastic piece of equipment!