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    Front and Rear Dash Cam, 2.8 Inch, 170° Wide Angle

    2.8 inch front and rear dash cam, 170° and 120° wide visual angle, 1080P resolution, 5.0MP lens pixel, multiple operation languages, good for reverse image, loop recording, replay viewing, blank screen recording and motion detection.
    SKU: T-DCAM-2
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    2.8" car dash cam has 4 interfaces for TF card, USB (power supply), AV and HDMI, a 170 degree front camera and a optional 120 degree rear camera. It supports 8G/16G/32G TF card for long time recording.


    • Reverse image
      Car-level rear camera supports reverse image, and automatically switches to this mode when the car is reversing.
    • 24-hour parking monitoring
      DVR dash cam can be equipped with a step-down cable and realize 24-hour parking monitoring. It can guard all-weather real-time monitoring of theft, scratching, and recording accidents.
    • Replay viewing
      Use the car dash cam to view the playback video anytime, anywhere, and observe the recorded content to quickly resolve driving disputes.
    • Loop recording
      Enable 1/3/5 minutes loop recording.
    • Motion detection
      Intelligent detect movement and recognize moving objects.
    • Blank screen recording
      The video can be recorded even when the screen is off, which can save power consumption and improve driving safety.
    • Full-automatic working
      Dash cam will automatically start to record when the car is ignited, without manual operation. After stopping and powering off vehicle, the dash camera will automatically shut down after a 10-second delay to protect the car battery. (Except when the cigarette lighter is continuously powered after the car is off, or the dash cam is connected to an additional battery.)


    Basic Model T-DCAM-G30
    Weight 0.3kg
    Size 143*113*90mm
    Certification CE, FCC, RoHS
    Warranty 12 months
    Packing included 1 * dash cam
    1 * cigarette lighter power cable
    1 * bracket
    1 * TF card
    1 * rear camera (optional)
    1 * user manual
    1 * color box
    1 * step-down cable 12VDC to 5VDC (optional)
    Dash cam
    Display 2.8 inch IPS screen
    Display resolution 1080P
    Visual angle Front camera: 170°
    Rear camera: 120°
    Camera pixel 5.0MP
    Power supply 5V/1A (convert from 12VDC cigarette lighter)
    Supporting memory card* 8G/16G/32G (TF card)
    System language English, French, Germany, Thai language, Japanese, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese
    Weight 50g
    Size 87*49*15mm
    Color Black
    Interfaces TF card, USB (power supply), AV, HDMI
    Installation Installing on front windshield, fixed by suction cup bracket
    Functions Parking monitoring (optional)
    Replay viewing
    Loop recording
    Motion detection
    Blank screen recording
    Reverse image (optional)
    Master Carton Set/Carton 1 5 10 50
    1 carton gross weight 0.3kg 1.7kg 3.35kg 15.8kg
    1 carton size 142*113*90mm 468*160*145mm 468*308*255mm 592*308*460mm

    Tips: Does the dash cam still record video after the car is turned off?
    It depends on whether the dash cam has a parking monitoring function. If not, it is of course not possible to record video after the car is turned off. Even the car dash cam with parking monitoring mode will only start recording when necessary.
    First of all, the parking monitoring mode of the dash cam is not always on, because the recorder generally uses a step-down cable with low-voltage protection function to minimize the loss of the car battery. When the vehicle is stopped and turned off, the recorder will enter a low energy consumption state. Once the car is collided, or an object is detected to move, the system will immediately wake up the parking monitoring function, and then record the monitoring image. So as long as it is used scientifically, there is no need to worry too much about the power consumption of the front rear dash cam.
    Will the parking recording cause low battery?
    For the dash cam without screen, its own power consumption is not very high, coupled with the protection of the step-down cable, even if it is always on, it will not cause low battery. But for the recorder with a screen display, it not only costs a lot of electricity, but also is likely to lose electricity under the protection of the step-down cable, which will affect the start of the engine. So if the car is not used for more than a week, it is better to turn off the parking recording function of dash cam.

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    David | 12/30/2020 2:57 AM
    Powerful front and rear dash cam
    I am very satisfied with this front and rear dash cam . It can shoot clearly, whether it is day or night, and the reversing image is very useful. It is a good product worth buying.