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    2-Speed Hand-Held Electric Cement Mixer, 1.8kW

    Hand-held electric cement paint mixer with good price. Power supply 110V or 230V, 2-level variable speeds (150-300rpm and 300-650rpm), motor power 1.8kW, single-paddle or dual-paddle for selection. Applicable materials cement, paint, mortar, concrete, putty powder, gypsum, etc.
    SKU: T-EMX-1800
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    Portable electric cement mixer for sale, handheld operation. Power supply supports 110V and 230V (optional). Suitable materials includes cement self-leveling, paints, cement plaster, ceramic tile adhesive, caulking agent and glue, etc.


    Model T-MX-1800
    Rated Voltage 230V/110V 50Hz/60Hz
    Rated Power 1800W
    Rotation Speed level-1: 150-300rpm
    level-2: 300-650rpm
    Paddle Quantity Single-Paddle Dual-Paddle
    Paddle Size (diameter*length) H3: 140*600mm H3: 120*600mm
    H8: 120*600mm
    Connecting Rod M14 thread (length 100mm, 200mm)
    Packing Size 620*370*240mm
    Weight 8.44kg 10kg
    Applicable Materials cement, mortar, concrete, putty powder, gypsum


    • Handheld electric cement mixer can adjust speed according to material consistency.
    • 2 speeds of the electric cement mixer are adjustable. Level 1 is suitable for high viscosity materials, Level 2 is suitable for general viscosity materials.
    • High-torque, high-efficiency heavy-duty gear system, continuous working time≥300 hours, long service life. Swing amplitude of the stirring rod is ≤0.5m.

    Hand-Held Electric Cement Mixer Details Diagram

    Details of 2-Speed Hand-Held Electric Mixer, 1800W

    Applicable Materials of Hand-Held Electric Cement Mixer

    Applicable Materials of Hand-Held Electric Mixer

    M14 Connecting Rod Diagram of Hand-Held Electric Cement Mixer

    M14 Connecting Rod Diagram of 2-Speed Hand-Held Electric Mixer, 1800W

    H3 and H8 Paddle of Hand-Held Electric Cement Mixer

    H3 and H8 Paddle of 2-Speed Hand-Held Electric Mixer, 1800W

    Tips: Precautions for using handheld electric cement mixer.

    • Do not use handheld electric paint cement mixer in the rain or where there are flammable liquids and gases.
    • If the power cord is damaged, replace it in time.
    • When electric cement mixer is not in use, unplug the power cord to prevent accidental startup, which may cause danger.
    • During use, if the stirring rod is not concentric or stirring is unstable, turn off the power and adjust the clamping chuck to make stirring rod concentric.
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    Joost | 10/16/2020 1:29 AM
    Do you need a drill?
    Hello, I have purchased this cement mixer, do I need to use it with a drill?
    A manager responded to this review
    No, there is no need for a drill bit. The cement mixer can stir autonomously without other equipment. It is recommended to use different mixing heads to mix different compounds, such as leveling compounds, mortars, paints, thinning paints, etc.