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    2-Speed Hand-Held Electric Cement Mixer, 1.9kW

    Best hand-held electric cement mixer for sale. 2-level speeds of 150-300rpm and 300-650rpm can be adjusted. 1.9kW high power, 300*600mm paddle. Suitable for cement, paint, mortar, concrete, putty powder, gypsum, etc. Affordable price and high quality.
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    Electric cement mixer can be used for mixing cement, paint, putty, feed, printing ink, mortar and so on. Handheld-style, small size, portable and easy to use.


    Model T-N-19
    Rated Voltage 230V/110V 50Hz/60Hz
    Rated Power 1900W
    Rotation Speed level-1: 150-300rpm
    level-2: 300-650rpm
    Paddle (diameter*length) H27 300*600mm
    Connecting Rod M14 thread (length 100mm, 200mm)
    Packing Size 420*340*240mm
    Weight 10kg
    Applicable Materials cement, mortar, concrete, putty powder, gypsum


    • Electric cement can mix materials with relatively low consistency such as cement self-leveling, epoxy resin, water-based paint and so on.
    • Faster mixing speed, more than three times the efficiency of conventional mixer, saving time and effort.
    • Convenient to pour material and transport.

    Applicable Materials of Hand-Held Electric Cement Mixer

    Applicable Materials of Handheld Electric Mixer

    Connecting Rod Diagram of Hand-Held Electric Cement Mixer

    M14 Connecting Rod Diagram of 2-Speed Hand-Held Electric Mixer, 1900W

    H27 Paddle of Hand-Held Electric Cement Mixer

    H27 Paddle of Electric Mixer of 2-Speed Hand-Held Electric Mixer, 1900W

    Tips: Maintenance principle for handheld electric cement mixer.

    1. When the handheld electric cement paint mixer breaks down, it is doesn’t need to repair it immediately. You should first understand the process and phenomenon of the fault.
    2. First check the electric cement mixer for obvious cracks and defects. Understand its maintenance history, service life, etc., and then inspect inside of the machine.
    3. After confirming that the mechanical parts are not faulty, carry out electrical inspections.
    4. When the handheld electric cement mixer is not powered on, judge the state of its buttons, transformers, thermal relays, and fuses to determine the fault location.
    5. For the electric cement paint mixer with heavy pollution, clean its buttons, connection points and contact points first. Check whether the external control keys are malfunctioning.
    6. The failure rate of power supply part occupies a high proportion in the entire faulty equipment, so repairing power supply first can often be more effective.
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    Julio | 7/19/2021 1:51 AM
    Efficient machine
    I purchased this 2-Speed hand-held electric cement mixer based on the need to decorate my kitchen. I am using this mixer for grout. I have to say it's really easy to mix. Last week, I used it to mix 20 sacks of cement for concrete counters. The mixer did a good job.  I really like the adjustable speed option, which can adjust to 150-300 rpm and 300-650 rpm. I was happy that I've done my work and found the tool to be most effective.