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    Hand-Held Electrical Planer, 3-1/5 in, 5.5 Amp

    Cheap electrical planer for sale. Portable hand-held. Maximum planing width 3-1/5 inch (82mm), planing depth 1mm, rated current 5.5 Amp (110V) or 2.8 Amp (220V) for selection, no-load speed 23,000rpm. Best electric wood planer, high efficiency.
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    Low price hand-held electrical planer for sale. It is an electric plane tool for wood. The electric wood planer has small size and high performance. Common applications are house construction, decoration, wooden door manufacturing, field carpentry operations, etc.


    Model T-ETPL-CF2821
    Input Power 610W
    Rated Voltage 110V, 220V
    Rated Current 5.5A, 2.8A
    Max. Planing Width 3-1/5 inch (82mm)
    Max. Planing Depth 1mm
    No-Load Speed 23,000rpm
    Weight 4kg


    • Hand-held electrical planer is an industrial grade multifunctional woodworking electric planer, high power and long service life.
    • Smooth planing surface, flat bottom plate, high planing precision. The depth can be adjusted freely 0-1mm.
    • Shell of the hand-held electrical planer is aluminum. Compact structure, durable.

    Hand-Held Electrical Planer Configuration

    Configuration of Hand-Held Electrical Planer

    Hand-Held Electrical Planer Application Diagram

    Application of Hand-Held Electrical Planer

    Tips: Handheld electrical planer use skills.

    1. When using handheld electrical planer, according to the length of wood, adopt different operating postures. When feeding, press the front end of wood with one hand and support the back end with the other hand. If it is long wood, try to support backward, keep wood stable. Ensure that the planed surface is completely consistent with electric planer platform and cannot be lifted out, otherwise the processed surface will be uneven.
    2. After electric planer is inserted into wood, move your hand forward steadily. The front hand moves back as the wood moves forward, and it is best to press it right above the planer blade to prevent shaking.
    3. When planing is to the end of wood, one hand moves forward with the wood and presses down, and shall not exceed platform. Press the other hand on the end and push forward. If it is long wood, it can't be held down with one hand, and someone should take care of it.
    4. Handheld electric planer is generally used for rough machining and is used in conjunction with belt sander.
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    Joelc | 10/30/2020 5:40 AM
    Time saving handheld electric planer
    I think this is a great electric planer. I am new to woodworking. This is the first hand held electric planer I have used. I was surprised by its practicality. It can cut very thick boards easily, making my work very simple, and improving my work efficiency, saving me a lot of time.