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    Hand-Held Electrical Planer, 3-1/5 in, 5.0 Amp

    Electrical planer for sale. Hand-held portable. Maximum planing width 3-1/5 inch (82mm), planing depth 3.5mm/1mm for selection, optional rated current 5A (110V) or 2.6A (220V), no-load speed 15k rpm. High quality electric wood planer with low price.
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    Electrical planer is a handheld power tool for woodworking. The electric wood planer has high rotation speed and best performance. It is widely used in house construction, decoration, wooden door manufacturing, field carpentry operations, etc.


    Model T-ETPL-CF2823C T-ETPL-CF2823
    Input Power 570W 580W
    Rated Voltage 110V, 220V 110V, 220V
    Rated Current 5.2A, 2.6A 5.3A, 2.6A
    Max. Planing Width 3-1/5 inch (82mm) 3-1/5 inch (82mm)
    Max. Planing Depth 3.5mm 1mm
    No-Load Speed 15,000rpm 23,000rpm
    Weight 4kg 4kg


    • Handheld electrical planer has a V-groove design, planing smoothly. Chamfering smooth and fast, high working efficiency.
    • Motor of the electrical planer is all-copper, high temperature resistance, high load, stable performance.

    Hand-Held Electrical Planer Configuration

    Configuration of Hand-Held Electrical Planer, 3-1/5 in, 5.0 Amp

    Hand-Held Electrical Planer Application Diagram

    Application of Hand-Held Electrical Planer, 3-1/5 in, 5.0 Amp

    Tips: How to deal with uneven planing when using electric planer?

    1. Turn the depth adjustment knob to 0 position.
    2. Use a ruler to check whether the front and rear bottom plates are on the same plane. Normally there will be slight unevenness.
    3. Prepare gasket for adjusting the rear bottom plate. Gasket material can be paper, plastic, or aluminum coke cans. Adjustment method: loosen screws of the rear bottom plate and remove the rear bottom plate. Add the gasket to screw hole in the lower position. Install the rear bottom plate and screw on screws.
    4. Measure again at this time, the front and rear bottom plates are already on the same plane.
    5. Planer tool adjustment. Place gasket on the front and rear bottom plates, and then adjust the depth of planer tool. Pay attention when planer tool is centered, cutting edge should be on the same plane as the front and rear bottom plates.
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    Judy | 7/23/2021 3:20 AM
    Outstanding product
    As a senior woodworker, there are plenty of electric hand planers I've ever used. This 5.0 Amp hand-held electrical planer really appeals to me. It's very easy to carry. The only thing I have to pay attention to is the cutting depth and shape. It's powerful enough to cut deep troughs. The planer works efficiently and smoothly as well. I'm surprised at how useful it is.