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    Hand-Held Electric Planer, 3-1/5 in, 6.5 Amp

    Hand-held electrical planer for sale. Maximum planing width 3-1/5 inch (82mm), adjustable planing depth 0~2mm, rated current can select 6.5 Amp (110V) or 3.2 Amp (220V), no-load speed 16,500rpm. Excellent quality and competitive price.
    SKU: T-ETPL-65
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    Model T-ETPL-CFWP002
    Input Power 710W
    Rated Voltage 110V, 220V
    Rated Current 6.5A, 3.2A
    Max. Planing Width 3-1/5 inch (82mm)
    Max. Planing Depth 2mm
    No-Load Speed 16,500rpm
    Weight 4kg


    • Industrial electric wood planer, powerful and versatile.
    • V-groove design. Stable and fast chamfering, flat planing surface, can flip planing, high efficiency.
    • Two-way controllable dust outlet, can discharge dust from the left or right side in one direction.
    • Multiple air outlets, rapid heat dissipation to ensure stable operation.

    Structure Diagram

    Structure Diagram of Hand-Held Electric Planer, 3-1/2 in, 6.5 Amp

    Configuration of Hand-Held Electrical Planer

    Configuration of Hand-Held Electrical Planer

    Tips: Handheld electric planer operation precautions.

    1. Before use, place the front plate of handheld electric planer flat on workpiece surface, and do not make the blade contact with workpiece. Start electric planer, and wait for the blade to reach full speed before planing. Slowly push electric planer forward. At the beginning of planing, apply force to the front section of electric planer. At the end of planing, apply force to the rear end of electric planer.
    2. During use, in order to avoid excessive depth in one planing, multiple planing is required.
    3. If the sound becomes harsh, let electric planer take a break.
    4. Heat dissipation is not good in summer, so do not use electric planer continuously for too long.
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