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    Hand-Held Electrical Planer, 3-1/5 in, 6.0 Amp

    Hand-held electrical planer for sale. 3-1/5 inch (82mm) maximum planing width, 2mm planing depth. 650W motor power, rated current can select 6.0 Amp (110V) or 3.0 Amp (220V). 15,000rpm no-load speed. High precision wood planer with affordable price.
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    Electrical planer is a handheld power tool with the best quality. It is used in wooden furniture manufacturing, woodworking, handcrafted production, demolition and others in industrial/commercial/home use.


    Model T-ETPL-CFWP001B
    Input Power 650W
    Rated Voltage 110V, 220V
    Rated Current 5.9A, 3.0A
    Max. Planing Width 3-1/5 inch (82mm)
    Max. Planing Depth 2mm
    No-Load Speed 15,000rpm
    Weight 4kg


    • Hand-held electrical planer adopts copper core motor, high load, the machine will not burn out.
    • V-shaped diversion groove design, smooth and will not chips stucking.
    • The hand-held electrical planer has 0~2mm adjustable planing depth.
    • Hand-held electrical planer is equipped with high-strength blades, thickened steel material, sharp cutting edge, fast planing, suitable for all kinds of wood.

    Hand-Held Electrical Planer Configuration

    Configuration of Hand-Held Electrical Planer

    Hand-Held Electrical Planer Application Diagram

    Application of Hand-Held Electrical Planer

    Tips: Carbon brush in handheld electrical planer.

    • Carbon brush replacement.
      Carbon brushes are consumables. Handheld electrical planer after several months of use, it should be regularly checked whether carbon brushes are worn out. If it is worn out, please replace it in time. There is a carbon brush on the left and right sides of electric planer body, which can be replaced with a flat-blade screwdriver.
    • Carbon brush functions.
      Carbon brush plays a role in electrical conductivity, and it rubs against motor to generate sparks. It is the normal working principle. Carbon brushes will wear out during use. Motor will not work after carbon brush is worn out, so it should be replaced regularly.
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    Joy | 12/21/2020 3:42 AM
    Widely used electric planer
    I bought this electric planer to plan wood. I didn't expect it to be used not only for wooden furniture manufacturing, carpentry, hand-made, but also for demolition and other industrial/commercial/household purposes. The function is simply too powerful.