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    0.5 Gallon Hand Pump Pressure Sprayer for Garden

    Hand pressure sprayer for sale, rotating spray head to adjust atomization and water column status, wide spray area, direct watering of plant roots, portable 0.5 gallon garden pump sprayer is safe to use and simple to install.
    SKU: T-PS-30
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    The garden pump pressure sprayer is used for watering flowers, sanitary cleaning in public places and hospitals, car washing and cleaning household hygiene. The thickened bottle design is durable and explosion-proof.


    Model T-PS-30
    Dimension 5.31 Inch * 12.99 Inch
    Material PP plastic
    Color Orange
    Capacity 0.5 Gallon (2L)
    Weight 100g

    Hand pressure sprayer dimension

    Hand pump sprayer application
    Pressure sprayer installation
    1. Rotate the nozzle, taking care not to get rid of the plastic gasket at the spout.
    2. The extended spray bar rotates counterclockwise and can be used after tightening.

    Tips: Harm of excessive watering of plants

    1. Too much watering of potted plants, the water fills the gaps in the soil, and the air in the soil is replaced by water. At this time, the outside air cannot enter. As a result, the soil is hypoxic, the respiration of the roots is hindered, the physiological function is reduced, and the roots absorb water. Absorption capacity is hindered.
    2. At the same time, due to the lack of oxygen in the soil, aerobic bacteria with the function of decomposing organic matter in the soil multiply and move in large numbers, which increases the acidity of the soil. Due to the wild activities of butyric acid bacteria, a series of toxic substances such as hydrogen sulfide and ammonia are produced, which directly poison the root system.
    3. At the same time, because the hypoxic plants consume a lot of soluble sugar in the body and accumulate too much alcohol and other substances, the photosynthesis is greatly reduced, and finally the flowers die due to starvation.

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    sunny | 9/1/2020 6:10 AM
    Good Quality Sprayer
    The hand pump pressure sprayer I bought has been used twice and I am very satisfied with the quality. My favorite feature is the pressure release valve, which can release all unused pressure after spraying. It has a very large capacity, can hold a lot of water and is no problem for spraying large areas of the garden.