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    0.5~3L Hotplate Magnetic Stirrer, 2000 rpm

    Affordable price hotplate magnetic stirrer for sale. Stirring volume 0.5~3L, variable speed 0~2000 rpm, maximum heating temperature 100℃/300℃, motor power 300W, power supply 220V, working plate size Φ135mm. Temperature control, digital display and timing functions for selection.
    SKU: T-LMS-532
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    The hotplate magnetic stirrer has the functions of stirring and heating liquid, applicable beaker/flask volume 500mL~3000mL. It is a cheap laboratory magnetic stirrer with small size, high precision heating temperature control, stepless speed adjustment and stable rpm.


    Model T-79-1 T-85-2A T-85-2AS
    Stirring Volume 0.5~3L
    Speed 0~2000 rpm
    Heating Power 300W
    Rated Voltage 220VAC
    Working Plate Size Φ135mm
    Digital Display Non-display LCD LCD
    Max. Heating Temperature Non-temperature control 100℃, ± 1℃ 300℃, ± 1℃
    Min. Heating Temperature Non-temperature control room temperature room temperature
    Timing Range Non-timing Non-timing 0-9999min
    Overall Size 220*160*120mm
    Weight 2kg
    Attachment power cable, stir bar, fuse, temperature probe, probe stand, product manual


    • The hotplate magnetic stirrer adopts permanent magnet DC motor, no noise, no vibration, and remarkable stirring effect.
    • The hotplate magnetic stirrer has microcomputer intelligent control. Temperature, speed, and time can be adjusted at will, with high precision and convenient operation.
    • The hotplate magnetic stirrer is equipped with an external temperature probe to measure the temperature accurately and ensure accuracy of the experimental data.

    Hotplate Magnetic Stirrer Structure Diagram

    Structure of 0.5~3L Hotplate Magnetic Stirrer, 2000 rpm

    External Temperature Probe

    The hotplate magnetic stirrer has an external temperature probe, used with the stand, ensuring accuracy of the experimental data.

    Temperature Probe of 0.5~3L Hotplate Magnetic Stirrer, 2000 rpm

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    Judy | 8/16/2021 1:44 AM
    Great value
    This 2000 rpm hotplate magnetic stirrer works wonderfully well just as I expected. The displayer can help me to set the temperature easily. The timing and digital display functions are really convenient. Both the stirring function and heating worked surprisingly well. Good buys for the money.