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    Laser Spirit Level with Metric Ruler, 8ft Tape Measure

    Multi-purpose laser spirit level built-in 2.5m/ 8ft tape measure, stainless steel standard metric ruler, 3 line modes of laser measuring, 3 bubble levels (horizontal, vertical, 45°) that help your work stay level from any angle possible.
    SKU: T-LSL-01
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    • Accurate laser measuring tool with 3 line mode: Horizontal/ vertical/ cross line to meet your different measurement needs.
    • Multifunction laser spirit level features laser level, standard metric ruler, 8ft tuned tape measure combined into one tool.
    • 3 Way Bubbles: 45°level bubble, horizontal level bubble, vertical level bubble. Bubble with LED Light, could be use at dark without other light.
    • Super simple to use laser spirit level, just turn on and turn off the switch.
    • Wholesale spirit level measuring tool best for a variety of level and accurate measurement.


    Model T-LSL-01
    Laser Wavelength 650nm-680nm
    Measuring Accuracy 0.01
    Front Side Metric 15cm
    Back Side Metric 6 ft
    Function 3 way bubbles: 45°/ horizontal/ vertical level bubble
    Standard metric ruler
    8 ft (250cm) tape measure
    Laser Measuring with 3 line mode: Horizontal/ vertical/ cross line
    Battery 3 x AG13 battery
    Weight 222g
    Dimension H:62mm, W:28mm, L:185mm


    Laser spirit level with metric ruler, tape measure dimension

    Tips: Function of laser spirit level with metric ruler

    • The laser level can measure whether the flat is uneven or scratched. The laser level meter can emit three kinds of lines: A line, a cross line, and a corner line. These three lines can be switched at will, just flip the light up and down.
    • There are horizontal beads on the laser level meter. The three-way fluorescent horizontal beads can adjust the horizontal and vertical, and can perform horizontal measurement in three directions, such as vertical/ horizontal/ oblique 45°, which is convenient and practical.
    • The laser level has a built-in hidden tape measure (2.5 meters, with inch scale) to prevent scratches on the ruler surface and accurate range. In addition, the bottom of the laser level has a ruler function with a standard range and a metric scale (15cm, 6 inches).
    • Press and hold the tape measure brake switch to pull out the tape measure or retract the tape measure.
    • Battery compartment design, the battery can be replaced at any time when it is exhausted.
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