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    Manual Grease Gun 120CC

    Low price 120cc mini manual grease gun with 270mm length, 36mm diameter, steel pipe material and 1.3kg weight, equips 2 sharp nozzles, 2 flat nozzles, a 270mm length rubber tube and 2 metal tubes with 145mm/105mm length.
    SKU: T-MGG-120CC
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    Manual grease gun 120cc with 270mm length, 36mm diameter.


    Model T-MGG-120CC
    Shipping weight 2kg
    Capacity 120cc
    Material of gun body Steel pipe
    Grease gun diameter 36mm
    Grease gun length 270mm
    Rubber tube length 270mm
    Metal tube length 145mm/105mm
    Packing included 1 * grease gun
    1 * rubber tube
    1 * metal tube
    2 * flat nozzles
    2 * sharp nozzles

    Tips: Problems and solutions of manual grease gun

    1. The nozzle is obstructed because grease is mixed with sand.
      If sand is mixed into the grease, it is easy to block the sharp nozzle, which will also affect the operation of the equipment that needs lubricating grease. Therefore, the grease must be clean. And use clean tools to refuel, and the container for draining grease should be dust-proof. In addition, you can also put a layer of 40-60 mesh metal filters inside the nozzle, which can also play a good filtering role.
    2. The grease gun can't press out the grease due to the air entering.
      Novices are easy to mix air when refueling the grease gun, so they need to learn some refueling skills. When adding grease, you can add grease by keeping the rod still relative to the grease barrel, and then pushing the grease gun body down. It is necessary to ensure that there is no gap between the barrel and the grease surface. When the grease gun has entered the air, you can pull the rod to mix the air and grease inside, but the effect is not very good for every time. Currently there are some cordless grease guns that support exhaust, which can easily exhaust the air in the grease gun, so novices can choose this type of grease gun.
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