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    Manual Grease Gun 500CC

    Low cost 500cc hand held grease gun for wholesale, 6000~8000 PSI working pressure range, 5000~6000 PSI extrusion pressure, 370mm length, steel pipe material, equips a 130mm length metal tube, a 370mm length rubber tube, 1 sharp nozzle and 1 flat nozzle.
    SKU: T-MGG-500CC
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    Manual grease gun 500cc with 370mm length, 6000~8000 PSI working pressure range, 5000~6000 PSI extrusion pressure.


    Model T-MGG-500CC
    Shipping weight 3kg
    Capacity 500cc
    Working pressure range 6000~8000 PSI
    Extrusion pressure 5000~6000 PSI
    Material of gun body Steel pipe
    Grease gun length 370mm
    Rubber tube length 270mm
    Metal tube length 130mm
    Packing included 1 * grease gun
    1 * rubber tube
    1 * metal tube
    1 * flat nozzle
    1 * sharp nozzle

    Tips: Maintenance of grease gun

    The grease gun must be carefully maintained to ensure a longer service life.

    1. Before use, check whether valve springs, steel balls and other parts are in short supply, as well as the sealing conditions of pistons and nozzles, and pay attention to checking the squeezing effect to ensure smooth maintenance.
    2. When the operating equipment is inspecting and greasing, a stop mark should be made.
    3. When injecting grease, the grease injection nozzle at the front end of the grease gun must be aligned with the grease nipple, and the inclination should not be greater than 8°.
    4. When filling lubricating grease into the grease storage cylinder, it is not allowed to use the lubricating grease that has been deteriorated and contaminated (diluted and contains mud, sand and debris, etc.) to prevent it from affecting the lubrication effect or blocking the grease passage.
    5. The lubricating grease should fill the entire grease storage cylinder tightly.
    6. When operating the hand lever, the opening and closing of the hand lever should reach the maximum position. If the hand lever is pressed back and forth several times and there is no feeling of resistance, and the handle remains in place, it means that the grease has not been injected into the grease nipple , Should pay attention to check the following aspects:
      1. Valve spring on the head of the grease gun: If the valve spring is broken or loosened due to fatigue, replace with a new spring.
      2. Whether there is air in the barrel: If there is air in the barrel, loosen the screw and press down the hand lever to exhaust the air, and then tighten the screw (press down the hand lever to see grease spilling without popping noise, then the air Drained).
      3. There is no feeling of resistance when pressing down the hand lever without squeezing out the grease, and all the pull rods have entered the cylinder, indicating that the grease in the cylinder has been completely filled, and new grease should be refilled.
    7. After equipment maintenance, the grease gun should be placed in the toolbox to prevent mud and sand from entering. If it is not used for a long time, squeeze out the lubricating grease in the grease gun and scrub the inside and outside of the cylinder, and place it in an appropriate position to avoid deformation under pressure.
    8. The grease gun cannot be used as a hammer to hit other objects to prevent damage or deformation and cannot be used.
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