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    Manual Grease Gun 600CC

    Best manual grease gun with low price, 600cc capacity, 400mm length, 2.6kg weight, steel pipe gun body and aluminium alloy gun head. 600cc hand held grease gun features a vent valve, a pull rod with handle, 1 sharp nozzle, 1 flat nozzle, a 270mm length rubber tube and a metal tube with 130mm length.
    SKU: T-MGG-600CC
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    Manual grease gun 600cc with 400mm length, 6000~10000 PSI working pressure range, 6000~7000 PSI extrusion pressure.


    Model T-MGG-600CC
    Shipping weight 3kg
    Capacity 600cc
    Working pressure range 6000~10000 PSI
    Extrusion pressure 6000~7000 PSI
    Material of gun body Steel pipe
    Grease gun length 400mm
    Rubber tube length 270mm
    Metal tube length 130mm
    Packing included 1 * grease gun
    1 * rubber tube
    1 * metal tube
    1 * flat nozzle
    1 * sharp nozzle

    Tips: Can lubricating oil be replaced with lubricating grease?
    In real life, many car owners and friends think that lubricating oil is similar to lubricating grease, and some people even think that lubricating oil is lubricating grease. But in fact, there is a difference between lubricating oil and lubricating grease.

    1. Lubricating oil is a liquid lubricant used on various types of machinery to reduce friction and protect machinery and processed parts. It mainly plays a role in lubrication, cooling, rust prevention, cleaning, sealing and buffering. For cars, it is known as the "blood". Everyone knows that the engine is the heart of the car. There are many metal surfaces in the engine that move in friction with each other. These parts move fast and the environment is poor. The working temperature can reach 400°C to 600°C.
      Under such harsh working conditions, only qualified lubricating oil can reduce the wear of engine parts and prolong the service life.
      Lubricating oil mainly includes: Lubricating grease, gear oil, hydraulic oil, vehicle oil, anti-rust oil, etc.
    2. Lubricating grease is thick semi-solid grease. It is used for the friction part of the machine to play the role of lubrication and sealing. It is also used on metal surfaces to fill gaps and prevent rust. It is mainly made of mineral oil (or synthetic lubricating oil) and thickener. Grease is composed of different soap bases mixed with appropriate amount of lubricating oil according to its purpose. Lubricating grease is one kind of lubricating oil.

    The main purpose of lubricating oil and lubricating grease is lubrication. But lubricating grease is more suitable for lubrication under the conditions of low speed, wide temperature range, harsh environment and long oil change interval.
    Lubricants are generally preferred for use in small cars. But for the external lubrication protection of heavy-duty trucks, engineering vehicles, and agricultural vehicles, it is more appropriate to choose grease. The places that need to be greased by grease gun are: four-wheel suspension, transmission shaft, water pump, steering gear, king pin, both ends of the bow plate, transmission shaft cross shaft, expansion joint, hanger bearing, adjustment arm, brake lever, tray of semitrailer, etc. Generally, there is a grease nipple next to where you need to add grease.

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