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    Pneumatic Grease Gun 500CC

    Cheap air-operated grease gun with 500cc grease storage capacity, continuous-shot working mode, can be used for filling various kinds of grease even high temperature grease. 500cc pnematic grease gun features a air-operated gun head, a vent valve, a steel pipe gun body, a lock catch, a pull rod, and equips a rubber tube & a metal tube.
    SKU: T-PGG-500CC
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    500cc pneumatic grease gun equips a lock catch in th end of pull rod, continuous-shot working mode, safe working pressure 12000 PSI.


    Model T-PGG-500CC
    Shipping weight 2kg
    Capacity 500cc
    Safe working pressure 12000 PSI
    Air pressure 5-8kg, cannot exceed 9kg
    Types of grease 1#oil, 2#oil, 3#oil, common grease, high temperature grease
    Working mode Continuous-shot
    Material of gun body Steel pipe
    Grease gun length 400mm
    Rubber tube length 270mm
    Metal tube length 130mm
    Packing included 1 * grease gun
    1 * rubber tube
    1 * metal tube
    1 * flat nozzle
    1 * sharp nozzle

    Tips: Why can't the steel plate pin of truck be injected lubricating grease?
    When it comes to injecting lubricating grease, truck drivers are very upset. Because the steel plate pin often fail to be injected grease. If the steel plate pin doesn't get the lubricating grease, it will inevitably cause the early wear of the steel plate. Is there any way to inject the grease successfully? In fact, there are two situations where steel plate sales can't be injected grease.
    1. The grease hole is blocked by bushing
    Most steel plate pins can't be injected grease because the grease hole of the steel plate pin is pressed down on the steel plate bushing. Under the action of gravity, the grease hole and the bushing are completely fit and blocked. The grease hole causes the grease to fail to penetrate.
    2. The grease dries and blocks the grease hole
    This situation is generally due to the infrequent injecting of grease, or the absence of grease for a long time. The grease in the grease hole of the steel plate becomes dry and agglomerates to block the grease nozzle. The pneumatic grease gun doesn't have so much pressure to push it. It will cause the grease can't be injected.
    To solve the above two problems, the truck should be lifted by a bottle jack until the steel plate pin releases the load and there is a gap. And then use the grease gun to try to inject the grease in. If it is successful, it means that the grease hole is pressed by bushing. If the grease still cannot be injected in this way, may be the grease inside has hardened and blocked the grease hole.
    Let's share a ultimate trick - use a screw!
    Find a few fine-threaded screws with the same diameter as the grease hole. If the grease can't be injected, use the screw to push the grease hole to solve the problem. Basically, except for some special circumstances, this method can push the grease block easy. In this way, there is no need to dismantle the steel plate pin, and the problem of the steel plate pin not injecting the grease can be solved efficiently and quickly.

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    Jason | 6/29/2021 2:45 AM
    Very well made
    This is a very sturdy grease gun. I grease all the areas on my riding lawnmowers. Very good quality and easy to use for the application I need it for.