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    Pneumatic Grease Gun 600CC

    Cost-effective pneumatic grease gun 600cc with a 9m air pipe, a sharp nozzle and a explosion-proof flat nozzle, 450mm length, 12000 PSI safe working pressure, continuous-shot working mode. 600cc air powered grease gun also equips a 130mm length metal tube and a 270mm rubber tube.
    SKU: T-PGG-600CC
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    600cc pneumatic grease gun equips a 9m air pipe, continuous-shot working mode, safe working pressure 12000 PSI.


    Model T-PGG-600CC
    Shipping weight 3kg
    Capacity 600cc
    Safe working pressure 12000 PSI
    Air pressure 5-8kg, cannot exceed 9kg
    Types of grease 1#oil, 2#oil
    Working mode Continuous-shot
    Material of gun body Steel pipe
    Grease gun diameter 56mm
    Grease gun length 450mm
    Rubber tube length 270mm
    Metal tube length 130mm
    Air pipe length 9m
    Packing included 1 * grease gun
    1 * rubber tube
    1 * metal tube
    1 * explosion-proof flat nozzle
    1 * sharp nozzle
    1 * air pipe

    Tips: Operation steps of pneumatic grease gun loading grease
    First, pull the pressure piston to the upper end and quickly release it. Repeat several times to accumulate pressure to turn the rubber ring into the ferrule. Push the piston bolt to the end, the gun head and the grease bucket must be connected tightly and then press the vent valve several times to release the air, so that pneumatic grease gun can be used normally. Press the hand lever to the end during operation. When using it every day, a few drops of lubricating oil for pneumatic tools must be applied to the air inlet.
    The following are the operation steps for filling the grease gun:

    1. Pull the piston rod out to the end.
    2. Unscrew the gas cylinder.
    3. Unscrew the nuts and screws with a wrench and screwdriver.
    4. The spring will automatically pop up after loosening the screw.
    5. Lubricate the piston rod.
    6. Restoration spring and piston.
    7. Tighten the screws.
    8. Pull the piston rod out to the end.
    9. Push the entire raw material tank.
    10. Unplug the lid of the raw material tank.
    11. Load the raw materials, splice them and tighten them.
    12. Push the piston rod to expel the air in the raw material barrel.
      Connect to the air transfer pipe of the air compressor, and then normal operation can be done.
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    Alain | 12/22/2020 3:43 AM
    Great air grease gun
    I have been using the pneumatic grease gun for several months and it has worked well so far. It can save a lot of time. The butter can be released quickly. I can install and release the grease nipple with one hand and hold the grease gun with the other hand, which can be faster.