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    Self Contained Paint Roller, 17 fl. oz.

    Self contained paint roller for sale features wholesale price, free shipping, 17 fl. oz. capacity and flexible handle extension offers a maximum of 111cm reach, helping user paint ceilings and walls comfortably without a ladder. Easy to move, operate and clean.
    SKU: T-SCPR-17
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    Buy best self-priming anti-drip paint roller online at cost price, no need to pay the shopping. It has 0.5L storage capacity and 1.6m extended scale handle which has a self-help absorption device to dip the paint for saving time and effort. No more climbing and stopping to dip the roller in a messy paint tray. Simply pull the gun trigger when you need more paint and keep rolling.


    Model T-146
    Overall Length 111cm (43.7 inch)
    Roller Length 23cm (9.1 inch)
    Handle Length 111cm-160cm (43.7-63 inch)
    Roller Material  Wool
    Capacity 17 fl. oz. (0.5L)
    Net Weight / Gross Weight 0.9kg / 1.85kg
    Application Wall, ceiling


    Self contained paint roller details

    1. Roller Core.
    The core of the roller is used to make the core material uniform by pressure feeding and the paint is fine and smooth.
    2. One-piece Design. Innovative design of the pipette intergrated design through the pippete into the storage tank, convenient and easy to get appropriate paint.
    3. Liquid Storage Tube. PVC special plastic material can fully withstand the weight of the whole tube paint, safe to use.
    4. Trigger Design. Conveying the material to the drum through the trigger gear to facilitate operation during operation.

    Self contained paint roller details 1Self contained paint roller details 2


    Self contained paint roller size

    Tips: Why do you choose self contained paint roller?

    1. Great for interior painting. The stick roller can help user save much time and energy when painting walls and ceilings, allowing you to spend more time enjoying your new and freshly painted room.

    2. No need for a roller tray. The self contained paint roller holds paint directly in the handle, eliminating the need for messy roller trays and constant trips back and forth to refill on paint to get your project done quicker.

    3. Provides Long Reach. The extended painting roller handle lets you reach 8 ft. ceilings without an extension pole needed, making it easier to paint walls and ceilings.

    Notes: The product is only suitable for water-soluble coating and is not applicable for oil paint, otherwise it will damage the roller and its maintenance.

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    Ridgie | 10/21/2021 8:20 AM
    Can this 17fl.oz paint roller be cleaned?
    Can this 17fl.oz paint roller be cleaned?
    A manager responded to this review
    It can be cleaned. If you are using latex paint, please wash it with warm water and soap immediately after use, and dry it with a tissue box rag to make sure that the roller is not hard.