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    Heavy Duty Staple Remover

    Best price heavy duty staple remover, made from high quality steel materials, high temperature finish, wear and tear insistence, anti- rust, sturdy and durable. An industrial staple puller can remove U/door shaped staples, practical and labor saving.
    SKU: T-SR-HD
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    A heavy duty staple remover is used to remove U/door shaped staples on woods, furniture, carpet or other items, simple operation and easy to use. The ergonomic handle adopts TPP environmental rubber that is durable and non-slip. The construction staple remover head is made of high quality steel, wear and tear insistence, anti- rust, sturdy and durable.


    Model T-SR-HD
    Total Length 155mm
    Head Length 45mm
    Handle Width 27mm
    Material Steel + TPP Rubber


    Heavy Duty Staple Remover Dimentions


    Tips: What is a Staple Remover?
    A staple remover is a manual tool that applies to various fields such as power supply, furniture, decoration, office, packaging and so on. Under the action of manpower, use leverage to increase the force to realize staples to be removed. If staples are driven wrong or crooked during your work, the staple remover is the best tool to remove wrong staples. A staple remover is divided small staple remover and heavy duty staple remover. A small staple remover can remove staples on papers and books, a heavy duty staple remover can be used for removing heavy duty staples. The point of the head is where a staple remover is used. You could insert the point of the staple remover head in staples and push forward, then easy to remove staples, which is convenient and labor saving. A staple remover includes an insert part, a lift part and a handle, the lift part is in the front of the handle. The staple remover can easily remove staples from papers, woods, furniture and other items, which decrease the strength of labor and don’t hurt fingers.

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