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    Watch Spring Bar Tool, 3 inch/5 inch

    Watch spring bar tool for sale with low price, size in 3 inch/5 inch, 6 types available, made from alloy steel or stainless steel, high quality and durable. The best choice to buy spring bar remover for getting spring pins out of watch straps.
    SKU: T-SBT-W35
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    A professional watch spring bar tool is used for getting spring bars out of watch straps if you need to adjust the length of watch straps. The two tips of a spring bar tool can be replaced.A small spring bar tip is suitable for steel watch band to disassemble small connection between the watch dial plate and the watch band, and a big spring bar tip is suitable for belt watch band.


    Model T-SBT-W315 T-SBT-W524 T-SBT-W531 T-SBT-W464 T-SBT-W516 T-SBT-W563
    Material stainless steel Aluminum Alloy Alloy Steel Aluminum Alloy stainless steel stainless steel
    Size 3 inch 5 inch 5 inch 5 inch 5 inch 5 inch
    Length 80mm 133mm 135mm 131mm 131mm 143mm
    Width 5mm 6mm 7mm 8mm 8mm 7mm
    Weight 7g 8g 15g 15g 41g 38.3g

    Note: The sizes are approximate.


    Watch Spring Bar Tool Dimension

    Tips: How to Change a Watch Strap with a Watch Spring Bar Tool?

    The watch strap will wear out when you use it for a long time, therefore, you could use a watch spring bar tool to change your watch band. Here are the steps to replace watch bands.
    1. When you get a new watch strap, you should compare it with watch lugs to make sure that the size is right.
    2. The watch strap and the watch lugs are fixed by spring pins that insert into the holes on both sides of the watch lugs.
    3. Use a groove of the watch spring bar tool to clip on either end of a spring pin connecting the strap with watch lugs. Push down the spring pin firmly in the direction of the strap and the strap will be removed.
    4. Repeat the above steps to remove the other strap.
    5. Install new watch straps. The strap with a buckle needs to be installed on the side at 12 o’clock, and the strap without a buckle should be installed on the side at 6 o’clock.
    6. Put the strap that has already worn a spring pin in a hole on one side of the watch lug, the other side is pressed down and then put into the lug with a spring bar tool, gently move it until the spring pin enters the hole.
    7. Finally, pull the straps to make sure it is firmly installed.

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    Gary | 11/23/2020 2:28 AM
    Exquisite watch spring bar tool
    Recently, because of eating too much, my hands became fat and I couldn't wear my watch. Then I went to the repair shop to widen my watch strap. The clerk used this watch spring bar tool. The appearance is very delicate, and the width of the strap can be adjusted quickly. After returning home, I also ordered this watch spring bar tool.