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    Womens Gardening Set Gift, 10 Piece

    Low cost womens gardening set gift for sale, 10 pieces of garden kits including garden digging, weeding, raking, loosening the soil, ventilation, transplanting, pruning and watering, full functioning, it can not only meet all your gardening needs, it is also an ideal gift for mom and girl.
    SKU: T-GTS-006
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    Garden tool set is an ideal gift to give those interested in gardening, to give the child and mother. Small and delicate garden tools set is suitable for people of all ages, 10 piece garden tools include shovel, rake, pruning, scissors, sprayer, etc.


    Model T-GTS-006
    Material of Bag Plastic
    Bag Dimension 370mm * 275mm * 50mm
    Bag Include Garden digging, weeding, raking, loosening soil, aerating, transplanting, pruning and watering
    Weight 3 kg


    Womens gardening set

    Garden set gift

    Tips: 6 Basic tools for growing flowers

    1. Watering can
    The watering can has the effect of simulating rain drops, and the leaves can be better moisturized.

    2. Spray bottle
    The spray bottle can turn the water into mist, spraying on the plants can wet every leaf and increase the humidity of the environment. The spray can can also be filled with insecticide potions and sprayed on plants.

    3. Pruning Shears
    Pruning shears are used for styling and pruning plants to make plants grow healthy.

    4. Shovel
    The shovel is used for potting, changing pots, soil, and transplanting plants, which is simple, quick and safe.

    5. Grafting knife
    The main purpose of grafting knife is to graft and propagate seedlings and flowers. Generally divided into two categories: bud grafting knife and grafting knife. Bud grafting knife is mainly used for bud grafting and grafting of twigs and shoots, and grafting knife is mainly used for grafting trees with a high degree of lignification. The difference between the bud grafting knife and the grafting knife is that the blade of the former is relatively thin, and the tender and weak plant tissues are not easily crushed. In addition, a cuticle is installed on the back of the budding knife handle, which can pry the phloem part of the rootstock incision during budding.

    6. Flower stand
    The flower stand has the effect of decoration and space saving, suitable for decorating the living room and balcony.

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    Karlie | 11/3/2020 2:39 AM
    Beautiful lady garden tool set
    As soon as I saw these beautiful garden tools on, I did not hesitate to buy them. These cute garden tools are really suitable for our girls, and their size is relatively small and easy to use. I already like gardening.