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    12 Pieces Wood Carving Chisel Set

    Favorable price professional wood carving chisel set for sale, 12 pieces, including straight gouge, 6mm/10mm/16mm/25mm, straight chisel, 6mm/13mm, spoon chisel, 19mm, skew chisel, 12mm, etc. Different types of chisels meet all your needs for woodworking. Use of the best chisels making your work easily and labor saving.
    SKU: T-WCCS-12
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    A professional wood carving chisel set includes seven different types of chisels, straight gouge, straight chisel, V-straight parting chisel, spoon gouge, spoon chisel, skew chisel, and curved gouge. Made of high quality chrome vanadium alloy steels, our best chisels are sharp and durable. The chisels are closely connected with the handle, and the embedded external solid design is not easy to loosen and fall off, which is safe to use.


    Model T-WCCS-12
    Material Chrome Vanadium Alloy Steel + Wood Handle
    Size 6mm-25mm
    Head Length 100mm
    Total Length 215mm

    Straight Gouge: 6mm, 10mm, 16mm, 25mm
    Straight Chisel: 6mm, 13mm
    V-Straight Parting: 14mm, 16mm
    Spoon Gouge: 18mm
    Spoon Chisel: 19mm
    Skew Chisel: 12mm
    Curved Gouge: 12mm

    Package Included 1*12 pcs Chisel tools, 1*Case


    Wood Carving Chisel Set Dimensions

    12 pcs Wood Carving Chisel Set Size


    12 pcs Wood Carving Chisel Set Applications

    Tips: Different Types of Chisels
    There are three types of chisels that are commonly used for woodworking.
    1. Flat chisel. A flat chisel has a flat edge and is widely used for gouging and cutting woods. The flat chisel is divided into wide blade chisel, narrow edged chisel, light chisel, flat spade and curve neck chisel. A wide blade chisel is often used for gouging wide holes and deep grooves. A narrow edged chisel has thick top suitable for gouging deeper holes and grooves, of which width is less than 16mm. A light chisel is shorter, small and thin liking a wide blade chisel, which is used for gouging shallow holes and grooves, installing and repairing doors, windows, and others. The flat spade is specially used for cutting rough surfaces with a thin blade. A curve neck chisel is a flat tool in the cutting groove.
    2. Round chisel. The cutting edge of a round chisel is round or curved, which is the best tool for gouging round holes and round grooves.
    3. Oblique edge chisel. Beveled chisel has an oblique edge that is divided into large edge and small edge. The large edge is used for turning tools, and the small edge is generally used for carving.

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    Ivan | 10/26/2020 2:31 AM
    A complete set of 12 wood carving chisels
    I am a first-class carpenter and I need to carve wood every day. During this time, I have to sculpt a statue of Guanyin Bodhisattva. This project has a large amount of work and the required carving tools must also be complete. This carving set has a complete range of styles and various sizes, which can meet all my needs, I placed an order without hesitation.