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    10-Piece Diamond Riffler File Set

    High quality 10pcs mini diamond riffler file set for wholesale, suitable for working in tight and hard-to-reach areas, 10-piece curved file with optional sizes 140mm, 160mm and 180mm, made from steel alloy with diamond grit coated, hardened and wear-resistant, soft PVC handle, ideal for filing glass, ceramics, metal, jade, etc.
    SKU: T-FILE-10DR
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    Wholesale 10 pieces mini diamond-coated riffler file set is available with 3*140mm, 4*160mm and 5*180mm in sizes. 10-piece curved file tools in variouse shapes are designed for tight and hard-to-reach areas. Constructed with carbon steel alloy with diamond grit plated provides added hardeness, durability and wear resistance. The file tool set is suitable for sharpening, polishing metal, steel, glass, ceramics, jade and so on.


    Model T-FILE-R3140 T-FILE-R4160 T-FILE-R5180
    Size 3*140mm 4*160mm 5*180mm
    Overall Length 140mm 160mm 180mm
    Handle Diameter 3mm 4mm 5mm
    Material Steel alloy
    Finish Diamond plated
    Set Weight 180g 200g 240g
    Set Included 10PCS Riffler Files

    Note: The sizes are approximate.


    10-piece Diamond Riffler File Set

    Tips: Notes for the use of files

    In order to extend the service life of files, the following tips are for your reference:

    1. It is not allowed to use new files to sharpen hard metals.
    2. It is not allowed to use files to file the quenching materials.
    3. The casting or forging pieces with hard skin or sticky sand, should be ground off on a grinding machine before they can be filed with a second-cut file.
    4. For the new file, use one side of the new file first, and then use the other side when the side is blunt.
    5. When filing, it need to frequently use a wire brush to remove the chips on the teeth.
    6. Files cannot be overlapped or stacked with other tools, otherwise it may wear the teeth of files.
    7. It is not advisable to use the file too fast, otherwise it is easy to wear prematurely.
    8. The file should avoid water, oil or other dirt.
    9. Fine files are not allowed to file soft metals.
    10. Using needle files should not be applied too much force to avoid breaking.

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    Carl | 1/4/2021 7:51 AM
    Good diamond file set
    This file set is very easy to use. There is a lump in the door lock at home, which makes the fingerprint lock unable to lock automatically. After the lump is smoothed directly with a knife, the fingerprint lock automatically locks smoothly. Although this is not beautiful, it is good now it can be locked.