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    4 in 1 Wood Rasp File

    Economical price 4 in 1 wood rasp file for wholesale, a 4-way hand tool of coarse-teeth flat and haldf-round wood rasps and fine-teeth flat and half-round files, made from hardened carbon steel with heat-treated for long-lasting use, uniform and clear teeth for fast sharpening or polishing, high efficiency and labor-saving.
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    Low price 4 in 1 wood rasp file for sale, features coarse-teeth flat and half-round wood rasps and fine-teeth flat and half-round files. 4-way wood rasp file is made of high quality carbon steel after heat treatment for added hardness and durability. Precise, uniform and clear teeth pattern to provide increased filing ability and high efficiency, ideal for sharpening or polishing wood, soft metal, plastic and other materials, suitable for carpenters, models, woodworking enthusiasts, DIY, etc.


    Model T-FILE-16FS
    Overall Length 200mm
    Overall Width 23mm
    File Length 85mm
    Material Carbon steel
    Weight 160g
    Rasp Type Coarse flat wood rasp and half-round wood rasp, fine flat file and half-round file

    Note: The sizes are approximate.


    4-in-1 Wood Rasp File Applications

    Tips: How much filing force need to be applied?

    When filing a plane surface, in order to keep the file balanced on the workpiece, the force of the right hand must gradually increase with the advance of the file, while the pressure of the left hand is the opposite. In the process of filing, the movement of the file should be straight. The key is to constantly adjust the force of the left and right hands to balance the torque at both ends of the file. No force is applied during the return of the file to reduce the wear of the teeth.

    The correct use of filing force is the key to filing. The power of filing has two types: horizontal pushing force and vertical pressure. The pushing force is mainly controlled by the right hand, and its size must be greater than the cutting resistance to file off the chips. The pressure is controlled by two hands, and its function is to make the teeth penetrate deep into the metal surface. The magnitude of the two pressures must also change as the torque of the two hand pressures on the center of the workpiece is equal, which is the key to ensuring the straight movement of the file. The method is: as the file advances, the pressure of the left hand should gradually decrease from large, and the pressure of the right hand should gradually increase from small to the middle.

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    Gresham | 8/12/2021 8:07 AM
    Nice wood rasp file
    I bought this 4 in 1 wood rasp file three days ago. It comes well packaged and protected. I like this unit as it is very small, so it easily fits into my tool bag. It's a really sharp, quality wood rasp that is going to become one of my favourite tools. I will buy it again for such a cheap price.