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    1000 Yards Laser Rangefinder for Construction/Golf/Hunting

    Wholesale price laser golf rangefinder delivers range distances up to 1000 yds, +/- 0.3 yds high ranging accuracy, 6X magnification with scan/ flag-lock/ distance/ speed/ angle/ height measurement. Best laser rangefinder is not limited to golf sports, also can be used to hunting or measuring in construction projects.
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    Buy portable and compact digital laser rangefinder at cheap price, provides a maximum viewing distance of 1000 Yards, range finder weight only 200g and can grab and measure with one hand. 6 in 1 multifunctional laser golf rangefinder can be widely used in golf, electric power, construction engineering, outdoor, hunting, positioning cranes, cranes and other inaccessible objects.


    Model T-CS1000
    Ranging Method Laser pluse
    Distance Measuring Range 1000 Yards
    Ranging Accuracy ± 0.3 Yards
    Speed Detection Error ± 5km/h
    Angle Measuring Range <±90°
    Angle Measuring Accuracy <0.3°
    Magnification 6X
    Laser Safety Level IEC60825-1
    6 Measuring Modes 1. Distance measuring mode 
    2. Speed measuring mode
    3. Golf flagpole mode
    4. Distance & Angle measuring mode
    5. Distance & Height measuring mode
    6. Height & Angle measuring mode
    Objiective Caliber 24mm
    Eyepiece Caliber 16mm
    Focus Way Eyepiece Focus
    Display LCD
    Operating Temperature 0℃-40℃
    Battery Model CR2-3V (Rechargeable)
    Size 129*40*78 mm
    Weight 0.2kg (including battery)


     Golf digital laser rangefinder details

    golf digital laser rangefinder LCD screen details

    1. Sign of distance measuring mode 2. Measurement value (display in the modes of distance measuring and speed measuring) 3. Distance measurement unit (m) 4. Distance measurement unit (Yd)
    5. Sign of laser emission aimed at the target  6. Angle measurement unit (degree) 7. Measurement value of height / angle 8. Minus sign (When measuring angles, "-" indicates the pitch angle, while measuring heights, it indicates the level below the measured level)
    9. Speed measurement unit (Km/h) 10. Battery sign 11. Height measuring mode 12. Angle measuring mode
    13. Golf flagpole mode

    Rangefinder 6 Measuring Modes

    Laser rangefinder distance meter 6 measuring modes

    600m distance laser golf rangefinder 6 measuring modes

    Distance meter digital laser rangefinder 6 measuring modes

    Tips: Maintenance of 1000 yards laser rangefinder

    Problems need attention when using 1000 yards laser rangefinder

    1. The 1000 yards laser ranging machine can not be operated directly at the human eye, otherwise it will cause harm to the human body.
    2. Please pay attention to whether the laser rangefinder is waterproof.
    3. Laser rangefinders generally do not have the function of anti-drop, be careful not to damage the emitter.

    Ways to protect 1000 yards laser rangefinder

    1. Frequently check the appearance of the laser rangefinder, and timely remove dust, grease, mildew, etc. on the surface.
    2. Use a soft dry cloth to clean the eyepiece, objective lens or laser emission window. It is strictly forbidden to scratch with hard objects to avoid damaging the optical performance.
    3. The 1000 yards laser rangefinder is a high-precision instrument that integrates light, machine and electricity. It should be handled with care during use, and avoid squeezing or falling from a height to avoid damage to the instrument.
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    Krisko | 1/27/2021 2:51 AM
    Professional laser rangefinder
    I am a real estate agent, and I have to carry a laser rangefinder with me every day, which is much more convenient than measuring with a ruler. You can know the height of the room by pressing the measurement button, and it is easy to calculate the square. Especially when I took the client to see the villa, I was very professional. Yesterday when the landlord used an ordinary ruler to measure the height, I took out this laser rangefinder and the result was displayed in seconds. The landlord also said that I am very professional.