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    100m Laser Distance Meter

    Factory price laser distance meter measuring tool with measuring range 100m (328 ft), IP54 waterproof and dustproof protection for construction site, home and factories. Multiple sets of distance, area, and volume values ​​can be added and subtracted to meet your measurement needs.
    SKU: T-LDM-100
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    Buy best laser distance meter with reasonable price, +/- 1mm high accuracy and 100m wide measuring range. It can measure: Distance, length, area, volume, Pythagoras, maximum, minimum, addition, subtraction and continuous measurement that meets your different needs. Small Body fits in hand perfectly, gives you convenient operation. You can put it in your pocket or carry it everywhere.


    Model T-DS80
    Product Name Laser distance meter
    Measuring Range 0.03~100m (328 ft)
    Measuring Accuracy +/- 1mm
    Measuring Time / per time 0.1~3s
    Measuring Unit m/ ft/ inch
    Laser Level Ⅱ level
    Laser Type 635nm
    Laser Power < 1mW
    Protection Grade IP54, waterproof and dustproof
    Time of Auto Turn Off Laser 60s
    Time of Auto Power-off 480s
    Horizontal Measurement
    USB Charging
    Voice Broadcast
    Data Eliminating
    Power Display
    Signal Strength Indication
    Data Storage
    Continuous Measurement
    Max. and Min. Value
    Addition and Subtraction Measuring
    Pythagorean Measuring
    Area Measuring
    Volume Measuring
    Key Life 100,0000 times
    Battery Type NI-MH battery 1.2V*2
    Operating Temperature 0℃~40℃
    Storage Temperature -20℃~60℃
    Weight 100g
    Dimension 120*53*39 mm


    40m laser distance measuring meter details

    Laser distance meter measuring functions
    40m laser distance meter measuring functions

    Tips: How to use laser distance meter?

    1. First, install the battery on the laser distance meter. For those laser distance meters that can be charged directly, we must fully charge them before use.
    2. Every laser rangefinder will have a power switch. Some are activated by tapping the launch button. You can see that the laser rangefinder is in standby mode through the eyepiece. After turning on the power switch, select the measurement unit before measuring again. The operation method for selecting the measurement unit is to press and hold the mode key and directly select the desired unit.
    3. Aim at the measured object through the internal LCD display in the rangefinder eyepiece. Be careful not to shake your hands, which can reduce errors and make the measurement results more accurate.
    4. After confirming the aim, lightly press the launch button, and the measured distance will be displayed on the LCD screen. Write down the value.
    5. If the measured object is not very clear, adjust the sharpness of the measured object through the +/-2 diopter adjuster, and finally adjust the distance through forward or reverse rotation.
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    Rob | 11/30/2020 1:13 AM
    Simple laser rangefinder for measuring
    I bought this laser rangefinder for my husband because he is a physics teacher and he needs to teach students how to measure distances using a laser rangefinder. This laser rangefinder is very suitable for teaching because of its clear keys, simple operation, and easy for beginners to use.