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    1080P Digital Endoscope, 3.9mm/5.5mm/8mm

    3.9mm/5.5mm/8mm digital endoscope for wholesale, features a 4.3" LCD HD detachable screen, a handle, a 2.0MP CMOS camera with 1920*1080P resolution and cemera cable, supporting 64GB TF card for data storage, 2600mAh bettery keeping 3h continuous working time.
    SKU: T-EDSC-D2
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    1080P digital endoscope has a detachable LCD screen and 2600mAh rechargeable battery. It supports USB cable for battery charging. The camera accessories help to check and get back the keys or other things dropped in the dark corner.


    • 2.0MP waterproof CMOS camera with optional diameter 3.9mm, 5.5mm & 8mm
    • 4.3" LCD HD screen with display resolution 640*480P, 1280*720P & 1920*1080P
    • 7 kinds of system languages, includes English, Germany, Spanish, French, Russian, Japanese and Simplified Chinese
    • 7 keys for simple operations
    • Adjustable LED lights helping endoscope camera get more high-definition images
    • Widely used for vehicle engine, air conditioner, pipeline checking or industrial inspection


    Model T-INSKAM112
    Shipping weight 1.1kg
    Packing size 260*260*140mm
    Camera shell diameter * 3.9mm, 5.5mm, 8mm
    CMOS camera pixel 2.0MP
    Display 4.3" LCD HD detachable screen (can be detached from digital endoscope)
    Digital endoscope size 255*160mm (L*H)
    Storage TF card slot supporting up to 64GB TF card (only for class 10 and above TF card with FAT32 format, and TF card is not included.)
    System language English, Germany, Spanish, French, Russian, Japanese, Simplified Chinese
    Display resolution 640*480P, 1280*720P, 1920*1080P
    Visual angle 70°
    Protection class IP67 (only for camera)
    Working temperature 0~70℃ (32~158℉)
    Light 6 ajustable LED lights, automatic exposure function
    Cable length * 1m (coil pipe with circular connector), 3m (coil pipe with circular connector), 5m (semi-rigid cable), 10m (semi-rigid cable)
    Image format JPEG
    Video format AVI
    Bettery capacity 2600mAh (continuous working time: 3h)
    Charging time 3h
    Power supply 5VDC via USB
    Certification CE, FCC, RoHS
    Package included 1 * digital endoscope + camera
    1 * USB cable for charging
    1 * mirror
    1 * hook
    1 * magnet
    1 * waterproof ring
    1 * user manual

    Tips: Attentions of using digital endoscope

    1. Insert the front-end cable into the device under test, operate the cable to control the direction of the camera, and observe its interior through the display screen. The brightness of the LED light source can be adjusted to obtain the appropriate illuminance, making the picture the clearest effect.
    2. If detecting the environment with oil, water, and a lot of dust, wipes the camera surface with a dust-free cloth after use to avoid penetration and damage the lens.
    3. Do not let the camera violently hit hard objects to prevent the camera from breaking.
    4. When using the digital endoscope for testing, if the front camera is stuck, do not pull it out forcefully.
    5. Try not to let the cable touch with water. If it needs to go deep into the water for testing, please do not soak for more than 10 minutes. After finishing inspection, if the surface of the pipeline has water drops attached, wipe it clean in time.
    6. It is forbidden to work with the detected object which is under power, to avoid electric shock.
    7. Do not look directly at the strong light source emitted by the LED lights at the end of the endoscope at close range to prevent the strong light from affecting eyesight.
    8. If the inside of the component is very rough, such as burrs, it may cause a certain amount of wear on the cable and camera under long-term use.
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