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    11-Piece Household Hand Tool Set

    Economical price 11 pieces basic hand tool set for sale, includes 5 pcs hex keys, level measuring tape, test pen, utility knife, pliers, flat head screwdriver and Philips head screwdriver. The hand tool kit is used for home repairs and basic DIY around the house. Perfect for mechanics, workers, or maintainers.
    SKU: T-HTS-11
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    11 pieces hand tool kit contains 5 pcs hex keys, level measuring tape, test pen, utility knife, pliers, magnetic flat head screwdriver and Philips head screwdriver. Pliers and screwdrivers are made of high quality carbon steel with rubber handles designed for ergonomics. The hand tool set is commonly used for home repairs, basic DIY, bicycles among other things, which is ideal for mechanics and maintainers.


    Model T-HTS-11
    Case Dimension 200mm * 135mm * 39mm
    Weight 570g

    5 PCS Hex Keys
    1 PC Tex Pen
    1 PC Utility Knife
    1 PC Flat Head Screwdriver, 5mm * 75mm
    1 PC Phillips Head Screwdriver, 5mm * 75mm
    1 PC Level Measuring Tape, 1m
    1 PC Pliers, 6 inch

    Package Included 11 PCS Hand Tools, a Storage Case


    Details of 11-Piece Household Hand Tool Set

    Pliers and Screwdriver Details

    Details of Hand Tools

    Tips: How important hand tools are?
    Hand tools play an important role in daily life. We finish various tasks with them since ancient times. There are different types of hand tools used for different jobs. You need to learn the structure and use of hand tools if you do a better job. You must select a right tool according to your work, otherwise, the quality and quantity of the work will be affected. A hammer is a practical tool that will be your best friend no matter you need to drive nails or break something. But the size and weight should be considered when you select a hammer. Pliers are used for grasping and bending material, cutting wires, removing nails among other things. Tape measure is an essential tool for manufacturers and mechanics. It is useful for measuring the room or wall. If you work in the construction industry, the tape measure is the first what you need. Files and rasps are used for micro-processing of metal, wood, leather and other surface layers. Hex keys are mainly used for home repair and bicycle maintenance. We provide different household hand tool sets on, buy the best hand tools set online now!

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